Behind the Nametag: Disney Cast Member Finds Career in Software Engineering

Jen Estremos

by , Sr. Business Analyst, Technology & Digital

Pursuing a new career path is always possible with a little determination and a whole lot of guidance. Izzy Wang, a Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Technology and Digital cast member, did just that with the help of CODE: Rosie, a Disney program that offers women in non-technical roles an opportunity to learn technology with the ultimate goal of finding a new career path at the company.

Izzy participated in CODE: Rosie in 2019 when she learned foundational software engineering skills. Today, Izzy is a senior software engineer on a research and development team where she focuses on using new technologies like machine learning and augmented reality to enhance the guest experience.

“The world we work in, the products we develop are all about bringing enjoyment to people’s lives,” Izzy said.  

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