Celebrating Women in Technology at Disney Around the World

Erika Harley

by , Manager, Experience and Communications, Technology & Digital

At Disney, we are leveraging technology to power our businesses, unlock new areas of storytelling, and create experiences that are unlike anything else in the world. From augmented reality to mobile ordering and reservation systems, technology is transforming the way guests and cast experience our parks.

Behind the scenes of these transformative projects, you’ll find thousands of women in STEM roles who are pushing the boundaries of technology and creating new experiences that put our cast and guests first.

Today, we are introducing you to six women from around the world who are true innovators in their roles and inspiring even more women to pursue careers in STEM.

Tyler Carter, Walt Disney World

Tyler Carter

Tyler Carter, Vice President of Technology, leads a diverse portfolio of products that enable digital innovation at scale for cast and guests alike. She’s passionate about empowering cast members – the makers behind the magic – so they can deliver elevated experiences to our guests. One of her favorite recent projects was the launch of the Disney Cast Life app, a personalized, simplified and modern resource for cast members to access the most up-to-date information. This app was a huge step toward digitizing the employee experience!

“As technologists, innovation is in the fabric of our culture. It challenges us to constantly think about how we can do things better and powers the creation of new products like merchandise mobile checkout, the Disney Cast Life app, and more,” Tyler said. “I would encourage technologists, and anyone starting out in a career to not be afraid to lead and reach for the next challenge. Be curious, continue building new muscle, be authentically you, and keep getting up when you fall!”

Susan Leys, Disneyland

Susan Leys

Susan Leys, Manager, Product Management, is constantly innovating as she works with her team to understand new ways to improve guest and cast experience at Disneyland Resort Hotels using technology. Recently, Susan supported the rollout of Digital Key, enabling guests to bypass check-in at the front desk and head straight to their room where they can then unlock their hotel room using their mobile phone.

Susan continues to push boundaries and work towards a common goal with her team of technologists.

“The people I work with are by far my favorite part of working at Disney, as there is a common bond and common language of making dreams come true. My favorite part specific to working in Technology & Digital is the variety of products there are to support, and the variety of ways I can offer my skills and passion. I have this interest in understanding how things work, the supporting process we use to manage product development, as well as a true love for the park experience overall.”

Tiffany Lee, Disney Signature Experiences

Tiffany Lee

Tiffany Lee, Director, Technology & Digital, supports Disney Cruise Line and she is currently hard at work preparing for the Disney Wish to set sail later this summer. Tiffany’s desire to enhance the guest experience leads her and her team down new paths of innovation where they push each other to try new things and dream big.

“I’m a strong believer in failing fast and learning from our ideas, so we can iterate on them and eventually succeed – whether that’s running a proof of concept for a new product we want to test before we fully invest in it or getting creative about the tools and processes we use to get work done,” Tiffany said. “We’ve launched a lot of successful projects that started as a proof of concept with a small team willing to try new things.”

Juliette Bron, Disneyland Paris

Juliette Bron

Juliette Bron worked in the automotive and insurance industries before joining the magic as a part of the Disneyland Paris Technology & Digital team four years ago. She’s currently Vice President, Digital and Data where she leads a diverse team focused on guest experience. If you have used the Disneyland Paris app to book a table or jumped in the fast lane with Disney Premiere Access, you have experienced the digital innovation led by Juliette.

“An innovative mindset is the beginning of the story, to challenge and look at another angle to provide additional value. It always starts with the user’s perspective. Then, innovative execution is the other piece of the story, to deliver the promise. Upcoming opportunities are very exciting – we are designing the future!”

Candy Ko, Hong Kong Disneyland

Candy Ko

Candy Ko works at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort where she is a Senior Manager, Information Security and Program Management. Candy encourages those just starting in their careers to observe and listen, and to look at things from different views and dimensions. This mindset has helped Candy continue to go forward in her career and find new ways to keep the company safe.

“I often remind the team to think of the ‘why’ instead of repeating as routine. With this core value in mind and rethinking if value is being added along with each step, we can create new ideas and new processes that bring new value and opportunities – often more efficiently and effectively.”

Sandy Abe-Tsujii, Tokyo Disneyland

Sandy Abe-Tsujii

A career in technology can take you many different places at Disney. For Sandy Abe-Tsujii, a career highlight is being a member of the opening team for Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom before she transitioned to her current role as Director of Digital Business at Tokyo Disney Resort.

When sharing her career journey within technology, Sandy encourages women not to settle for a job, but to find something they are passionate about and create space for that passion to help others.

“We can make a difference just by helping one another, supporting each other, and pushing each other to the top. Small gestures can do wonderful things, like make a person smile.”