#DisneyCastLife: Disney Aspire and Aggie Proud

Neil Johnson

by , Retail Guest Experience Manager, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Among the places I’ve come across in my life that mean the most to me, Disney and my alma mater, North Carolina A&T University, are at the top of the list. (Go Aggies!)

If you had asked me when I started my Disney journey back in 1997 whether I thought these beloved places of mine would converge, I’m not sure I would have said yes. But when I pause and reminisce, it just makes sense. After all, they have a lot in common—they are about family. Pride. Growth. Leadership.

In short, they are about their people.

I am honored and beyond excited that these families of mine are merging as one because NC A&T is officially joining the growing #DisneyAspire network. Disney Aspire enables hourly employees to put their educational dreams within reach—just as NC A&T put mine in reach all those years ago as the first college graduate and first Army Officer (not to mention helicopter pilot) in my family. We won’t talk about just how long ago, though…

Almost more important than my degree itself, NC A&T also taught me everything I needed to know about tenacity, perseverance, and humility. Qualities I’ve learned and improve every single day in both my time in the military as well as my role as a Disney leader.

One of the things I love most about being a leader here at Disney is the amount of thought and care we put into the employee experience, and Disney Aspire is just one component of that. The program pays 100% of tuition upfront, removing one of the biggest barriers that many experience when making decisions about their educational future.

So make the easiest decision yet—visit Disney Aspire to learn more about what your future could hold. I truly encourage all eligible cast members and employees to explore NC A&T as the answer. I promise you firsthand that the sky is your only limit.