#DisneyCastLife: Introducing the ‘Cast Conversations’ Series!

Aaron Genove

by , Digital Employee Communications Specialist

The Walt Disney Company is full of talented individuals around the world who work in a wide variety of roles, contributing to the magic in their own special ways. In an effort to celebrate these employees and cast members, our brand-new “Cast Conversation” series gives us the opportunity to hear about all of the unique individual stories here at Disney and highlight the many faces behind the magic.

For our inaugural episode, we sat down with Kevin, Manager, Research, for the Walt Disney Archives in Burbank, California. Mark and Nataly, the Disneyland Resort Ambassador Team, had the privilege of joining Kevin on an exclusive tour of the Archives to learn about several aspects of Disney Parks history. After this trip down memory lane, and even a “show and tell” of some historical artifacts with Mark, Kevin sat down with Nataly to detail more about his personal story along with a few favorite aspects of his role.

Part of an accomplished team who helps to preserve our heritage and history, Kevin is just one of many examples of the magical people here at Disney, and our “Cast Conversations” strive to recognize stories just like his.

Stay tuned to this new series as we continue meeting magic makers all around the world!


  • Being an archivist for Disney is SUCH a special job, I once had the privilege of exchanging emails with Dave Smith. He confirmed to me that the Disneyland website was (and STILL IS) wrong about which box in the theater was Walt’s after I read a post by then-still-alive Wally Boag saying that his box was the DOWNSTAIRS box at stage left, not the upstairs box.

    There IS footage of Walt climbing down from the upstairs box, but that was at Walt and Lilly’s anniversary before the park opened to the public. When he was at the show after that, he always sat in the downstairs box. The part of the post that points this out is still up on the Walt Disney Family Museum website, and mentions Walt’s box being under the steer horns, which used to be below the upper box.

    Still bummed that Disneyland hasn’t corrected this misstatement on their site after all these years of knowing that they are not telling people which box was REALLY Walt’s.

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