Global Recognition Week: Expressing Gratitude During the Disney College Program

Kaitlyn Woollen

by , Digital Employee Communications Specialist

Julia Nasiatka started her Disney College Program in July of 2021 in merchandise at Magic Kingdom Park. Working in Fantasyland, she’s had the opportunity to work alongside many others and recognize fellow magic makers for their kindness, work ethic and determination. As we celebrate Global Recognition Week, I want to take the time to personally recognize Julia and thank her for being the magic.

According to her leaders, Julia’s received many recognitions since beginning her college program and continually gives others the recognition they deserve. “When someone does something nice for me or goes out of their way at work, I always feel like they deserve recognition through Recognize Now!,” said Julia. “I do think [recognizing others] makes a difference, especially when it comes from leadership.” Here at Disney, cast members can use an internal recognition platform, called Recognize Now!, to appreciate others or recognize them for going above and beyond, including The 5 Keys.

Julia in front of Cinderella's Castle and in Fantasyland trading pins

The Disney College Program gives college students the opportunity to make magic at Disney for five to seven months, so it’s important to Julia to take advantage of that time making magic for guests and to leverage her recognition tools when it comes to appreciating others. Julia mentioned how she always tries to compliment others whether she’s working or visiting as a guest; that you never know how much that recognition could mean for someone, especially since every recognition is sent to leadership.

When asked about the impact recognizing others has on herself and on others, Julia immediately said it all comes down to motivation. “If I’m making an impact on something I’m doing through my everyday work, I want to try harder the next day. Recognitions remind me why I’m here and who I’m doing this for – all going back to the slogan ‘We are the Magic.’ I get that extra reminder and reason why I continue to make magic for our guests.”

“If someone can come back and tell a story about a little interaction that I had with them years down the line, [that] would be magical, and I would absolutely love to be a part of that. I want to be that [cast member who made a difference] for someone else,” Julia said.

Mobile cast compliment on the My Disney Experience app now offers guests at Walt Disney World the opportunity to recognize the cast members who make magic for them during their visit, and compliment individuals by name. Julia mentioned how the smallest effort can go a long way, especially now that this new recognition tool is at our fingertips. “The little things matter,” Julia smiled. “It’s super impactful because sometimes you might think you’re doing something small, yet you could make a guest’s entire day or trip, and they express that gratitude back to you.”

Show us how you’re celebrating Global Recognition Week at Walt Disney World by taking some time to recognize a cast member making magic for you and for our guests with mobile cast compliment in the My Disney Experience app or share your #CastCompliment on social media.