Hundreds of Cast Participate in the 50 for 50 Disney VoluntEARS Challenge

Tristen Gell

by , Senior Manager, Communications, Walt Disney World Resort

When we kicked off The World’s Most Magical Celebration here at Walt Disney World Resort, I shared that our Disney VoluntEARS would be bringing all the love, joy and EARidescent excitement of the 50th Anniversary to you, our Central Florida family, through the 50 for 50 Disney VoluntEARS Challenge.

So far, hundreds of VoluntEARS have participated in the challenge – whether donating their time at one of our six recently granted nonprofits, inspiring future storytellers at Otronicon, raising funds to help find permanent homes for animals in need at “Paws in the Park,” or signing up for one of the dozens of Disney VoluntEARS events available each month.

Specially themed events are taking place all over, connecting Walt Disney World cast members with communities near and far, while also inviting other Disney employees and fans from across the country to join us in celebrating this milestone anniversary, together. And as Central Florida cast volunteer 50 hours and attend 50 VoluntEARS events, exclusive commemorative items await.

In fact, we recently surprised a few Walt Disney World cast members with their EARidescent items and the exciting news that they had completed the challenge. Check it out:

“I knew our cast would rise to the challenge, but to see that more than 500 VoluntEARS have already completed a part of the challenge in just five months is incredible,” Tajiana Ancora-Brown, Director of External Affairs at Walt Disney World Resort, said.

Cast members can even turn their personal or company-sponsored volunteer hours into charitable contributions through Disney VoluntEARS Grants. After volunteering at least ten hours, Disney VoluntEARS have the option to donate $100 to a nonprofit of their choosing – the more volunteer hours completed, the more donations we’re able to provide on behalf of our cast!

It’s always heartwarming to see our cast members make an impact in the community we call home, but it has been extra special watching them make a world of difference over the last few months as they work toward those 50 for 50 Disney VoluntEARS Challenge goals.

To our current and future VoluntEARS… I could not be prouder to work alongside you!