Celebrating Spring with Conservation, Community and Disney Cast Members

Maryanna Antoldi

by , Communications Specialist, Walt Disney World Resort

If I had to pick a favorite season, it would have to be spring. Spring is a time of growth, rejuvenation and love – as made evident in some of my favorite Disney films like “Tangled” and “Bambi.” But, spring also reminds me of Earth Month, and how precious our planet is as nature comes into full bloom. And, here at Walt Disney World, we were more ready than ever to celebrate the season with the return of a beloved cast member event – Spring Fling.

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday at Mickey’s Retreat as cast members along with their families and friends gathered together for an afternoon of fun. Spring Fling, a 25+ year tradition at Walt Disney World, is an event that combines conservation with celebration. Every activity has a creative spin that relates back to ways we can save the environment in our own backyards.

“It is so exciting to welcome Spring Fling back for cast members this year,” explained Kristy Altland of the cast activities, recognition and experience team. “This event teaches families that we can all build a better planet together through the smallest of actions – and we have plenty of activities to showcase that!”

Some of these activities included flowerpot painting (complete with soil and seeds from Walt Disney World’s compost and solar farm programs), an opportunity to get up close and personal with some of our V.I.Ps — “very important ponies”— from Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground and special character sightings from Mickey and friends. There was also an opportunity for cast to donate their used electronic devices to support gorilla conservation!

However, one of my favorite things about attending Spring Fling was seeing cast members come together with those they love to enjoy the afternoon together. Whether splashing around the scenic Little Lake Bryan in pedal boats, diving into the arts and crafts or simply enjoying each other’s company, family is at the heart of this event – evident in everyone’s laughter and smiling faces.

“Spring Fling is a special tradition for so many families,” said Kristy. “I spoke to cast members who first brought their kids to the event, and now they are here with their grandchildren. It’s a way we can sprinkle some magic not only on our cast members, but also their loved ones in a special way.”

As we continue the World’s Most Magical Celebration, traditions like Spring Fling celebrate the contributions of cast members who make the magic. Whether it’s a cast member’s first or fiftieth year, Spring Fling is an event where they can make memories only found at Walt Disney World. After all, Spring is all about new experiences – and I for one am already looking forward to the environmental activities and excitement next year’s event will hold.