Horticulture Cast Member Blossoms into First Place for Disneyland Resort Environmental Art Challenge

Brandon Killman

by , Internal Communications Specialist

Horticulture cast member Stacy Wise started collecting plant identification tags in 2020, but not on purpose at first. They all just started piling up in her pocket at the end of the day after removing each tag, flower after flower replanted into the soil of the Disneyland Resort. After a while, Stacy had a budding collection of various plant identification tags featuring glossy prints of chrysanthemums, daisies, marigolds, violets and more—thousands of tags that have no other path than to end up in a landfill.

Stacy, along with 19 other cast members, showcased their creative talents and love for the environment last April for Earth Month through the Environmental Art Challenge, now in its seventh year. This art challenge inspires cast members to utilize the magic of storytelling with a focus on zero waste, sustainability and focuses cast members to see the beauty in trash by encouraging contestants to use recycled materials in their work.

The top ten art projects were voted on during Earth Month by guests and cast, and the results have bloomed into fruition for Stacy taking first place with her project “You Blossom Beautifully.”

Disneyland Resort cast member Stacy Wise's project “You Blossom Beautifully"

Stacy spent over a year collecting as many types of flower and plant tags as possible to construct a three-dimensional collage referencing “Firebird Suite (1919 version),” the final segment of “Fantasia 2000.” When she first started the project in Jan. 2020, Stacy was experiencing a loss in her family, she says her art piece represents the evolution of everyone’s lives as they persevere through difficulties.

“I started this project with a lot of hardship and moving on from there I had to remind myself that it takes time to heal, it takes time to grow, and it takes time to blossom,” Stacy said.

Following Stacy in first place, teams from Disneyland Hotel Housekeeping and Guest Correspondence ranked as runner ups.

Disneyland Resort cast members Noemi Lupia and Roberto Montes' project “Madrigal"

Disneyland Hotel Housekeeping cast members, Noemi Lupia and Roberto Montes took second place with their project “Madrigal House,” a scaled-down model of the magical casa from “Encanto,” made of sticks, paper, sponges and cardboard boxes.

Disneyland Resort cast members Francesca Lizza, CoCo Young Treanor and Rodney Toves' project “it’s a recycled world after all!”

Taking third place, Guest Correspondence cast members, Francesca Lizza, CoCo Young Treanor and Rodney Toves, with their submission “it’s a recycled world after all!” This art project of the famed Disneyland park attraction “it’s a small world” is made from water bottles, coffee lids, soft plastics and office supplies.

Some of the Environmental Art Challenge artists offered their artwork to be bid on in a silent auction for cast members. Proceeds from each piece will be donated to an environmental nonprofit organization.

The Environmental Art Challenge helps bring us one step closer to a zero-waste future by inspiring cast members to turn trash into treasures. Learn more about our environmental efforts at DisneyPlanetPossible.com!


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