New Details Revealed About the Transformation of EPCOT

Jeremy Schoolfield

by , Walt Disney Imagineering Communications Manager

As international festivals continue to become more of an integral part of the EPCOT experience, Disney Imagineers are creating new spaces that will bring these events into the heart of the park in the new World Celebration neighborhood. In several new artist concept renderings released today, you can see how the transformation of EPCOT will take shape as you walk past Spaceship Earth and begin your journey through the park.

Artist Rendering of the Continued Transformation of EPCOT

World Celebration will offer a beautiful hub divided into several different gardens, with a central planter based on the five-ring EPCOT logo. Filled with ample seating and shade, you’ll be invited to connect with one another and the nature around you in this lush new area. Each of these gardens will have their own identities, and they’ll change along with the festivals throughout the year.

At night, the gardens will take on a whole new life, as you can see here. They’re designed to be enjoyed in the round, where lighting immerses you in the nighttime experience that will evolve through the seasons.

Artist Rendering of the Continued Transformation of EPCOT

This all surrounds CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza, a multi-use facility and outdoor event space, respectively, that bring the park’s international festivals to the center of EPCOT. CommuniCore Plaza will have the flexibility to host intimate musical performances that extend out into the nearby gardens, as you can see in the rendering above, as well as large-scale concerts. 

CommuniCore Hall will be a flexible exhibition and gallery space, offering a wide variety of experiences that highlight art, live music, food – complete with a demonstration kitchen – and more. In addition, adjacent to CommuniCore Hall will be a new Mickey & Friends location where you can meet some of your favorite Disney pals.

Artist Rendering of the Continued Transformation of EPCOT

This new facility, which you can see in the upper-right side of this rendering, is inspired by the original EPCOT aesthetic apparent throughout the park’s transformation, including the timeless triangular geometry most prominently featured in Spaceship Earth. Even the CommuniCore name reaches back to the origins of EPCOT while also emphasizing the park’s central idea of community.

We’ll have much more to share on the transformation of EPCOT here on the Disney Parks Blog as the center of the park continues to develop, so be sure to keep checking back to learn more. And also head over to Instagram where Imagineer Zach Riddley @thezachriddley provides more insight into the work Walt Disney Imagineering is doing at this park we love.


  • More country showcases, please!!! Eastern Europe and western Asia would be perfect!

  • Beyond disappointed. You tore out so much, and you are returning so little. We have a park at our corner, we want more EPCOT in EPCOT

  • For the bitter naysayers, can we wait on final opinionuntil the rest of the details surface? I’m a bit skeptical too, but I have the feeling plans might change somehow by September.

  • My first visit to Walt Disney World was in 1999, and I was surprised to decide that Epcot was my favorite park (I grew up going to Disneyland, so Magic Kingdom, while larger and a but different, felt pretty familiar, which was also welcome). Epcot was different, and this was during the Millennium Celebration, and I had a wonderful time.

    And I’ve heard what many are saying in the comments at Disneyland as well — “It’s not the same.” It’s not SUPPOSED to be. Walt was always trying to find new things to do. Sure, I wish I could have experienced Horizons, but I enjoy Test Track.

    And, sure, I really miss Adventure Thru Inner Space and the PeopleMover at Disneyland, but I can’t say I was upset the first time I experienced Star Tours (though I will say the Rocket Rods did nothing for me — when they did anything for anyone at all; they sure broke down a lot until Disney themselves gave up on the concept — not every attraction is a winner, but overall the parks have improved).

    Change is part of Disney’s heritage. I love the concept art, and hope to be able to make it to Florida again to experience it when it’s ready!

  • For someone like me who was so swept off my feet by EPCOT Center in the 1980s, I am pleased that the company is reviving the CommuniCore name, along with the already restored logo and World Bold font. Now if only the park can get its last name back…

  • Each Park has it’s own individual identity and each location offers families something different with different experiences. I love that EPCOT brings together other culture’s food, music and a taste of their customs for other’s to enjoy. EPCOT’s identity is about World togetherness and HARMONIOUS is the cherry on top! Honestly, EPCOT’s transformation is amazing! Keep up the good work Disney!

  • One word, “Blah!” The park that brought me unimaginable magic when I visited in 1983 has become a garden with water and Mickey meet & greets! WOW! Huge disappointment!

  • Epcot just lacks the magic that the magic kingdom will always have . Disney needs to work On that . Right now Epcot is to plain for me to look around . The fireworks are amazing . But I think that was the best part .

  • I think it looks incredible!! Epcot has always been my favorite of all the parks, and I am loving that they are adding things other than rides. Not sure what there is to be upset about here…

  • Sigh. Disney management are getting nothing right these days. Do you really think people come from around the world to go to EPCOT and see art, live music, and a demonstration kitchen?

    You keep quoting Walt’s “EPCOT will always be in a state of becoming”. You’re being true to his word, but it keeps “becoming” worse.

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