Check Out Exclusive Character-Inspired Merchandise Debuting on Disney Wish

Ashley Long

by , Cruise Director, Disney Cruise Line

We are another day closer to welcoming guests aboard the Disney Wish! Today, I’m sharing a sneak peek at one of my favorite new merchandise lines coming to our newest ship. One could say this collection has a lot of “character!” 

Our pals Captain Minnie Mouse, Captain Mickey Mouse and the Disney Wish’s stern character, Rapunzel, inspired this extensive line-up of colorful and nautical items for guests of all ages, ranging from Ear Headbands and apparel to accessories and even matching shirts for the whole family. 

There is so much to love here … and even more available on board the ship! Tell me in the comments, which of these adorable souvenirs will you be bringing home from a Disney Wish vacation?


  • I love the white long sleeve shirt with the Wish written on the back! That’s the one that I’ll bring home if they have it when I sail in April!

  • We were on the second sailing and the selection of Adult Apparel was limited and XL was out of stock and that was day two. The bigger issue for us was the overcrowding of the Main Sail were social distance was not practiced, resulting in a Positive Result for COVID. I hope this will be corrected by the time we sail again in two months.

  • We were on the second sailing and the selection was very slim. A lot of the merchandise was already out of stock. We were unable to purchase any of the innagral shirts or other items

  • Love the spirit jersey! I can’t wait to see all of the goods when we sail 🚢 ♥️

  • Why is Rapunzel not on the back of the spirit jersey? The other ships have the character that’s on the back of the ship on the spirit jersey.

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