Disney Cruise Line to Honor Make-A-Wish Children as Godchildren of the Disney Wish

Krissy Nocerino

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Cruise Line

I know you’ve all been wondering … and wishing … but have you heard the news?

Earlier today, we revealed that all Make-A-Wish children, including past, present and future wish recipients, will be honored as godchildren of the Disney Wish.

This is the first time in Disney Cruise Line history that children are being recognized in this important role that symbolically bestows good fortune on our newest ship.

The Make-A-Wish godchildren will play a very special part in the christening of the Disney Wish, which you can watch live on June 29, 2022, at 11 a.m. ET right here on the Disney Parks Blog!

Our godchildren will join the fleet’s magical group of godmothers including Patty Disney, Tinker Bell, Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey.

Disney Cruise Line also continues to support the transformative work that wish-granting organizations do every day through other initiatives including a new merchandise collection and the donation of a stateroom aboard a sailing of the Disney Wish.

Mother and daughter on a Disney cruise ship

In celebration of the Disney Wish and the incredible power of wishes, we partnered with Make-A-Wish to create an exclusive line of merchandise that includes a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse plush, ear headband, trading pin, spirit jersey and tumbler.

Disney will donate 10% of the purchase price from the sale of every item in the Disney Wish Limited Edition Collection now through July 18, 2023, to Make-A-Wish to grant even more life-changing wishes. The full Disney Wish Limited Edition Collection is available aboard the Disney Wish, and select items are available on shopDisney.com, beginning July 18, 2022.

The Disney Wish

Disney Cruise Line also donated a stateroom aboard a sailing of the Disney Wish, an initiative that raised more than $260,000. Proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish and Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit resort in Central Florida that provides children with critical illnesses and their families from around the world with magical week-long wish vacations at no cost.  

Our newest ship is simply brimming with a grand sense of wonder and optimism, and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate all Make-A-Wish children as our godchildren.


  • My son Franco had his MAW in 2018 what a wonderful magical time we had at GKTW and Disney ❤️ Very thankful to be considered godchildren for the Disney Wish! God bless all the people that make this possible for this kids and their family.
    Always thankful for making my Son whish come true 🙏

  • Thank you from this MAW family!! We celebrated our daughter’s wish in 2019 at Disney World and fell in love so much that we’ve visited each Christmas since and continue to support GKTW as well. I think naming this new ship the “Wish” and supporting all MAW families is just incredible!! You are magical, Disney!!

  • My daughter Angelica was granted her Make-A-Wish in 2013 on the Disney Cruise 🚢 it was so amazing that she wants to go again I would give anything to make her wish again it was something you don’t forget and as her mother the kid came out you have the joy of enjoying the time spent with her and everyone in the ship Thank You for making it happen not only for her but for every kid god bless

  • Just Thank You from this GKTWV and MAW Momma.

  • What a beautiful gesture! My son Anthony has his wish in 2014. It was the most magical thing that our family needed. We will never forget that memory. How heartwarming that we are godchildren to Disney Wish! Hope we can participate in this!

  • My daughter is getting her wish this fall! Thank you Disney for recognizing all these kids who deserve so much. This is amazing!

  • It would be an honor to come aboard the cruise ship with her you all do an amazing job from gktw to Disney itself like I previously stayed it was an honor to be able to let my granddaughter be chosen as a wish kid in 2016

  • My granddaughter was a make a wish child in may of 2016 it was the most magical experience for her and our family we stayed at gktw it was the most magical
    Place as well they treated everyone the same there and also to thank everyone for recognizing my granddaughter as a godchild it truly is amazing

  • This is amazing Disney! Thank you for making all wish kids godchildren for the Disney wish! Thank you for your generous support of Make-A-Wish and Give Kids the World. My 2 daughters received wishes to go to Disney World & stayed at GKTW. Both wishes were magical! I now work for Make-A_Wish and it is a joy to play a part in helping other children to receive a wish. Disney will always hold a special place in my 💜!

  • Our grandson, Jayden, was a Make a Wish recipient in 2014 with his wish to go to Disneyland being granted, it was the most magical time ever where we were able to see him beaming with Joy. Thank you for honoring him and all recipients as Godchildren, you’re Amazing and we would love to be considered for this Cruise, he’s been talking about wanting to go on a Disney cruise recently ❤️

  • My grandson, Jayden, was a Make a Wish recipient in 2014 with his first trip to Disneyland and had the most magical time!. He is now 12 and has been asking about 1
    Day going on a Disney Cruise; how May we be considered to be a part of this Cruise which sounds so Magical? Also thank you for making us Godchildren of the Disney Wish, you are Amazing!

  • My daughters original wish was to go on a Disney Cruise but then COVID came along and her wish was postponed and had to be reimagined. We will instead be going to Disney in FL. I have still promised her a cruise so we will now definitely be booking a cruise on this ship!

  • My daughter was a Make A Wish recipient in 2005. It was the most magical trip ever. Everyone was wonderful.

    I truly love this idea. Disney is an amazing company.

  • We are so thankful to Disney, Make A Wish and Give Kids the World. Our son was granted his wish to Disney World in 2010. You him and our family to create memories that can never ever be replaced. ❤️ He still talks about his Wish trip to Give Kids the World and Walt Disney World. Thank you over and over again!

  • My daughter’s wish in 2006 at Disney World, came when we were at our lowest point.
    Disney gave us hope when we so needed it.
    Hope we can participate in this too.

  • My daughter had her wish in 2006 at Disney World. Disney brought us hope at our lowest point. We would love to participate.

  • Hey being part of make a wish and a receiptant of it when I was 13 was magical. Since this was back in 2003 how will I get ahold of so I can be apart of this celebration. And like others said I am very thankful to be considered godchildren for the Disney Wish!

  • Very touching Disney. The gesture brought a tear to my eye, for a change.

  • What an incredible honor for those granted wishes past, present and future! As a Make-A-Wish recipient from way back in 1989, I am touched that we are all considered godchildren to the Disney Wish!

  • Is this for make a wish Disney cruise recipients or Disney wishes in general. My son was granted a wish to Disney World when he was young and stayed at GKTW Village.

  • My daughter, Elizabeth, had her Make-A-Wish on a Disney cruise and it is memory that stays with her every day, as well as our whole family. Thank you for all you do for Make-A-Wish children.

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