Disney Institute Welcomes Back On-Site Professional Development Courses

Robyn Sheckler

by , External Communications Manager, Disney Institute and National Geographic Live

When you think about the most magical and awe-inspiring classrooms in the world, do the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts come to mind? While you may not consider the House of Mouse as a traditional learning environment, individuals and organizations now have the opportunity to experience learning that is anything but ordinary during our in-person professional development courses with Disney Institute. Not only can guests adventure, dream, imagine and escape at Disney, but they can learn, too!

Combining in-class exploration of Disney methods with observations in the field (our parks and resorts) to bring the Disney approach to life, Disney’s on-site courses have officially returned to both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Disney Institute offers business professionals the amazing opportunity to make our workplace their living, learning laboratory … with plenty of Mickey Mouse waffles, tasty delights, and fun character figurine keepsakes to boot!

Offering registrants a first-hand look into how decades of service in leadership, guest service and employee engagement have propelled our parks and resorts businesses forward, participants in Orlando and Anaheim can now take advantage of the wonder of our destinations as they double as an auditorium to develop workplace skills and inspire tangible impact.

So, what makes in-person coursework so distinctly different from our online, on-demand offerings? You get to see our operations up close, as we take you into our world-renowned destinations. With icons like Cinderella Castle and Spaceship Earth as the backdrop, our prolific facilitators guide you through field experiences that show you how we bring the magic to life every day. 

Disney Institute class at Magic Kingdom Park

Participants are invited on a one-of-a-kind journey that lets them see the business behind the magic. Whether it’s exploring a specific line of business or gaining insight on operational practices through question-and-answer sessions with current Disney leaders, each unique program has something different to offer.

Learn how to lead by example in Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence by exploring our living laboratory through the viewpoint of a Disney Leader as you see our cast in action. In Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, keep an eye out for the intricate details that matter to the guest experience, and learn how our cast take ownership of those details. In Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement, see how our backstage operations set our cast up for success.

Special keepsakes for Disney Institute participants

In the classroom, discover transformational “lightbulb” moments through interactive activities, gain insights into Disney’s 65+ years of operations through immersive stories, and spend time adapting your learnings through group discussions. You can even take home some extra special souvenirs through interactions with facilitators, only available through Disney Institute’s courses.

Those who participate in these exploratory and educational adventures will not only be offered comprehensive participant guides, reference materials and special keepsakes, but memories and connections that last a lifetime. Disney Institute scholars are welcomed to network with fellow present professionals from a variety of industries spanning many sectors and disciplines seeking to further their own skillsets and will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

View the upcoming schedules at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, with courses continuing this week, and register for our amazing in-person offerings at both locations.

You can also explore Disney Institute’s upcoming in-person regional classes! Throughout July and August, our talented facilitators are bringing our one-day professional development course, Disney’s Approach to Business Excellence,  to select venues in Ohio, Texas, Utah, California and Maryland.

For more information, visit DisneyInstitute.com, sign up for our email newsletter, or follow us at @DisneyInstitute on social media. Individuals must be 18 years or older to register and participate in a Disney Institute online course.