Disneyland Cast Welcome Back ‘Fantasmic!’ During Exclusive Rehearsal Event

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Disneyland Resort recently celebrated the long-awaited return of the “Fantasmic!” nighttime spectacular, and guests weren’t the only ones excited to welcome back the epic show. Cast members from around the resort were invited to a special event that gave them the very first exclusive preview of “Fantasmic!”, complete with glow sticks, giveaways and the perfect seats for this “journey beyond your wildest imagination.”

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Cast members were able to “ignite the night” because of the amazing work done by many resort-wide teams led by Kristi Glenday from the Cast Activities team. A self-described “behind-the-scenes Magic Maker”, Kristi has been orchestrating exclusive cast events for 20 years.

Disneyland Resort Cast Activities team member Kristi

“Fantasmic Dress Rehearsal is the third and final event of our Spectacular Comeback Cast Previews,” said Kristi, who has produced similar cast opportunities for the recent return of both “Main Street Electrical Parade” and “World of Color” to the resort. “Seeing all three events come to life with the resort-wide partnerships is what makes my job fun.”

Giveaway items at the Disneyland Resort "Fantasmic!" event for cast members

Cast members even received exclusive giveaway items prior to the event, including a tasty caramel apple and – of course – a “Fantasmic!”-themed seat cushion (pictured above) for the well-deserving magic makers to enjoy their show in comfort. “It’s exciting to make our Cast feel special by giving them the first opportunity to experience our Disney offerings.”

Third shift cast member Eric shared a similar sentiment: “It feels really special because Disney has always had a special place in my heart. Being with my fellow cast members on a night like this – I mean, what can be better than this? Nights like this make it all worthwhile.”

These opportunities show that no matter the time and day, cast members are eager to get together and celebrate resort milestones in the most unique and magical ways possible. They cherish these moments and hope for more to happen in the future, with celebrations that continue to be even more special than the last. If “Fantasmic!” has taught us anything, any dream is possible to come to life.

Some imagination, huh?

Disneyland Resort cast members watching "Fantasmic!"

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  • As a former Disneyland cast member (or, as one friend who worked Davy Crocket’s Explorer Canoes and then was part of the opening crew for Splash Mountain says, “once a cast member, ALWAYS a cast member”), I miss things like this. We get to experience things in ways that others do not. We create the magic, but we also experience it. From Minnie’s Moonlight Madness to the 5K attraction events (who else, outside of the “Mystery 5K” in the 1990s, can say they’ve been on the Haunted Mansion with Walt Disney being projected on the graveyard scrim and extinct attraction names on the tombstones?), to just the camaraderie that cast members share, it was a special place to work.

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