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First Look at Disney+ Original Series ‘The Santa Clauses’ for Halfway to the Holidays

Cayla Ward

by , Manager, Synergy & Partnership Marketing

You better not cry and you better not pout because “The Santa Clauses” is coming to Disney+!

In celebration of Halfway to the Holidays, we’re excited to debut the official series name and a first look at the cast. Tim Allen and Elizabeth Mitchell will reprise their roles as Santa Claus (Scott Calvin) and Mrs. Claus (Carol) with new cast joining the Disney+ Original Series. Austin Kane and Elizabeth Allen Dick (Fun fact: Elizabeth is also Tim Allen’s real-life daughter) join the cast playing the roles of Cal and Sandra, the two children of Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The cast of the Disney+ Original Series ‘The Santa Clauses’

In addition to the Calvin family, Kal Penn joins the cast of “The Santa Clauses” playing Simon Choski, a single father, ambitious game inventor and product developer whose visit to the North Pole makes a big impact on the direction of his life. He’s joined by Rupali Redd playing the role of Grace, his angelic daughter with a love for Santa and all things Christmas.

And where would Santa be without his elves? Devin Bright joins the cast as Noel, Santa’s trusted right-hand elf, along with Matilda Lawler as Betty, Santa’s demanding Chief of Staff and job-oriented Elf.

“The Santa Clauses” is set some time after the events of “The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause” and picks up with Scott Calvin on the brink of his 65th birthday. Realizing he can’t be Santa forever as he suddenly starts to lose his Santa magic, he sets out to find a suitable replacement Santa while preparing his family for a new adventure in a life south of the North Pole.

The Disney Original Series “The Santa Clauses” will be streaming soon on Disney+.


  • 1. He and Carol’s son was named Buddy at the end of SC3. 2. Nobody else will be reprising their roles? 3. Is this going to just be a series of SC finding a new Santa Claus?
    Our family was pretty excited for this to come out and I love Tim Allen but this is sounding like it is going to be disappointing

  • Why isn’t Charlie the new Santa? Does the store say what he is doing now?

  • Wait I thought it’s going to be a family business according to the first movie that Charlie want to be Santa clause next after his father retired and same question where’s Charlie and the ex wife, her new husband and Charlie’s half sister.

  • I thought the son was named Buddy at the end of the third movie

  • Where is Charlie ?!

  • The article states there are two young ladies with the same name, Grace. Won’t that get confusing? I mean, not to SC, but to us viewers?

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