Meet Hong Kong Disneyland’s First Aid Cast Members

Annie Chow

by , Internal Communications Manager, Hong Kong Disneyland

Our cast members work hard to ensure guests have a great experience, and today, we’re spotlighting the First Aid Center team at Hong Kong Disneyland – who are here to help guests if they experience a bump in the road so they can get right back to their magical day.

Samuel Leung was inspired to study general nursing in college after the SARS outbreak in 2003. He worked in a few public health departments and hospitals, and worked at Hong Kong Disneyland as a registered nurse many years ago. He has since rejoined the team to provide first aid care to any guests who need it. “It is very unique and a privilege to work in this happiest place on earth as a registered nurse,” he said.

Corinne Pan is also a registered nurse. One of her favorite areas of their office is a wall filled with guest compliments. When asked about it, she said proudly, “many of these are from overseas guests who came back, years after their first visit with their children. During their visit, they came back to visit us to show their sincere appreciation. I will never forget these moments.”

With more than 30 years of experience, Tony Lo is a retired paramedic, who started his career at the age of 19. His connection with Hong Kong Disneyland began many years ago when he was on duty in Penny’s Bay Fire Station prior to his retirement. Tony shared that “I enjoy my work a lot. A few years ago, I used AED (automated external defibrillator) to successfully rescue a contractor who was working at the Disney site. I’m glad that my experience can help others.”

While the team loves to meet guests, they want all visitors to have their most magical Disney day, which often doesn’t include an unexpected visit to First Aid. Here are a few tips from the team to keep you safe and healthy while visiting our parks around the world:

  1. Always stay hydrated! While it’s easy to forget when you’re having fun, take frequent sips of water — especially if it’s hot outside. When you’re feeling thirsty, stop by one of the many water fountains and quench your thirst.
  2. Be sure to fuel your body! You need energy to make the most out of your day as you enjoy our signature rides and attractions. Grab some snacks and take time to sit down for a proper meal if you’re feeling hungry.
  3. Perhaps you have a little scrape and need a Band-Aid — it happens. Remember that you can always ask Samuel, Corrine, Tony, or any of the friendly First Aid cast members for one. Then you can get right back into the action!

Our First Aid Center team is there for you if you ever need it. And should you be in need, know that you’ll receive world-class care from caring, compassionate cast members!