Meet the Lifeguard Making a Splash at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

Sarah Monnier

by , Communications Specialist, Talent Acquisition Marketing

For many cast members, getting soaked on the job is something avoided at all costs, but for recreation cast across Walt Disney World Resort, it’s practically part of the job description. Meet Juliet, a proud Hoosier who has been making a name for herself at resorts, lazy rivers and record-breaking wave pools since being hired last July. As a lifeguard, she’s able to work at every resort and water park and is proud to have 11 resorts and both water parks under her belt in under a year.

“Every location definitely has its own specific culture,” said Juliet. “But we’ve all been through the same training and everyone knows everyone in recreation. It’s definitely a huge family because you’re able to jump around so often.”

Juliet recalls receiving her offer email with “Deep Water – Lifeguard” listed as the position and being grateful for her experience lifeguarding at a local park in her hometown of New Albany, Indiana in high school.

At the time, I thought that place was a wild and crazy water park,” said Juliet. “And then I came to Disney World and everything is totally magnified. I have had an amazing experience through recreation at Disney.”

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The day after moving in to her new Florida apartment, Juliet was at lifeguard training at 8 a.m. She remembers the thorough process and evaluations during her early days on the job, reflecting on how her trainer encouraged her to get comfortable with the unique attractions that make Disney water parks so memorable.

“My first day at the wave pool, I was a little nervous,” said Juliet. “The wave pool is over 2 million gallons of water and each wave is around 84,000 gallons of water coming at guests. One of my trainers said, ‘Don’t worry, you’ve got your team and your team’s got you,’ and I think about that every day.”

Each location she’s worked at holds a different memory for Juliet, from her first location at Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park to her favorite resort shifts – because what could be better than watching fireworks over Cinderella Castle from the lava pool at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort?

“My favorite part about working at Typhoon Lagoon is the break room,” laughs Juliet. “But it’s not because of the break room, it’s the cast! These people become your best friends. They become your family. I know these girls will be in my wedding one day.”

Of course, like every role at Disney one of the most special components is the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with our guests.

“I love trying to give a little bit of magic every single day,” said Juliet.

Working at resorts, Juliet sees the same families throughout their vacation, especially during evening shifts at the pool. She remembers a little girl who visited her every night to ‘play mermaids’ or talk about princesses.

“On their last day she told me ‘I’ll miss you lifeguard!’,” said Juliet.

Juliet’s advice for aspiring cast members?

“If you want to do it, I say go for it!” said Juliet. “Where else can you call a guest ‘dude’ or yell ‘surf’s up’ – or even watch people surf! I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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