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The More Juneau: What an Alaskan Disney Cruise Means to Me

Melanie Hager

by , Public Relations Manager, Disney Cruise Line

If you asked your family right now why they want to go on a Disney cruise, I bet each of them will have a different answer. It’s the same for my family … and while we all love the experience for different reasons, the most important thing is that a Disney cruise is something we can all enjoy together!

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with Disney Cruise Line in Alaska

For me, I choose a Disney cruise more than any other vacation simply because I feel at home every time I step aboard one of our ships. I love being able to explore the world and take advantage of one-of-a-kind experiences that come with being on a cruise ship!

One moment I’ll never forget during my cruise to Alaska—and, trust me, you need to go on a Disney cruise to Alaska—was soaring over a glacier via helicopter, followed by a walk across the pristine river of ice. Glancing down at the blue and white hues crafted by mother nature from above and then being able to actually step foot upon a piece of history is a memory that will forever be etched into my mind!

Disney Parks Blog author Melanie Hager in Alaska

Simply said … a Disney cruise can mean a lot of different things to your family, but the most important thing is making incredible memories together. Check out the video below as the Disney Wonder sails through the beauty and grandeur of Alaska and see what a Disney cruise could mean to you!

So, what rings true for you? Tell us what you want to experience on a Disney cruise in the comments below!


  • We loved the first dvc members cruise to Alaska back in 2015 everyone in the cabin got the gifts they were passing out We had enough room barely but some people had to buy extra suitcases to take home all the freebies and cool stuff they gave away was a great cruise We just got back this morning from this year’s first cruise to Bermuda and we’re going next Monday to the cruise up to bar harbor Maine and two stops further up in Canada been waiting for that one since before COVID booked in 2019 for 2020 rolled 2021 and finally able to go this year but Alaska has been our favorite cruise on Disney as well as other cruises

  • It’s mean memories, family and most of all my mom. Before I had kids of my own my mom and I would take any child who wanted to fo to Disneyland. Over the years I has 5 kids and from the very first one we had a annual trip to the parks. When my youngest was about 5 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. After 9 months of chemotherapy radiation and surgery we celebrated her beating cancer travelling on the Magic for a Western Caribbean. My mom loved it!! It was the perfect celebration. Two years later she collapsed and we found out that the cancer had returned but this time in her brain. They gave her 6 months. My mom said she wanted to go away again after a year of chemo and yet again more radiation. We needed to again celebrate she was still here with us so I booked us on the 14 day Hawaii cruise on the Wonder. You see we were airline family. Most of my baby album is on Waikiki beach. She was so excited to show my children all that Disney and Hawaii had to offer.
    The cruise was just the break she needed to come back and continue to fight.
    Then one day she called me and said she wanted to do one last trip. So Alaska on the Wonder we went.
    A year and a half later my mom was very ill. Some day were better than others. On one occasion my mom was admitted to hospital, she was agitated and confused she did not know who I was. Hardest moment ever. In hee toilette bag was her favourite lotion, the little Disney cruise line bottle. I sat talking to her and rubbed her hands and feet hoping she would remember me. It was the. That she looked at me right in the eyes and said “the ship. How I loved travelling on the ship with you and the kids”. The doctor told me it was a core memory of some sort. She smelt the lotion and the scent took her back to a memory that meme so much to her that it brought her back to me. So Disney, the ships and those little bottles of lotion mean mom. I can not thank you enough for all the memories. For precious time with my mom and kids. We have travelled on the ships since her passing, but I will never ever forget the first three.

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