Workforce Wednesday: Disneyland Resort Makes Impact with Girl Scouts of Orange County

Sasha Azoqa

by , Internal Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

As part of the Workforce Wednesday series, we’re featuring the cast members and organizations behind the Disneyland Resort community workforce development initiative. This month, we’re highlighting the incredible women of Girl Scouts of Orange County and Disneyland Resort cast member Bri.

As part of the collaboration with Girl Scouts of Orange County, the Disneyland Resort provides support for career exploration events such as “Dreams to Reality,” which allows Disney VoluntEARS and volunteers from other Orange County employers to sit with Girl Scouts of Orange County to discuss career paths and offer mentorship and guidance.

Disneyland Resort cast members with members of the Girl Scouts of Orange County

Girl Scouts of Orange County CEO Vikki Shepp considers herself a lifelong Girl Scout, having been part of the organization for almost 30 years. “I have the best job in the world because I love what I do,” said Vikki.

She highlights the positive impact of the workforce development initiative. “We’ve been able to provide really great career exploration opportunities and essential business skills like business ethics, customer service, goal setting and people skills,” said Vikki. “We are so grateful for the resort’s support in providing fantastic opportunities for Girl Scouts of Orange County.”

As part of “Dreams to Reality,” Disney VoluntEARS from across the resort spent their day connecting with Girl Scouts.

Disneyland Resort cast member Kim

“I was pretty excited to be part of the group of women sharing their careers with Girl Scouts of Orange County,” said Senior Security Manager Kim. “I kept thinking, ‘What a great opportunity for them, and I wish I had that type of exposure when I was at their point in life.’ There was evident proof in the room that you can be anything when you grow up — you just have to work for it.”

Disneyland Resort cast member Lotus

“When I was in fifth grade, a microbiologist came to my class and let us grow bacteria in a petri dish,” said Environmental Integration Manager Lotus. “From then on, I knew that I wanted to have a career in STEM. I hope sharing my experience inspires Girl Scouts interested in STEM to go for their dreams.”

Along with events like “Dreams to Reality,” the Disneyland Resort also connects with Girl Scouts of Orange County through other programs.

Disneyland Resort cast member Bri

Labor Relations Senior Manager Bri was recently recognized with the organization’s Spotlight Award for her impact as co-chair of the resort’s Women’s Inclusion Network Business Employee Resource Group, or WIN BERG. The award focuses on women in both corporate and nonprofit environments who work toward the ongoing support of equity and elevation of women in the workplace. “The Spotlight Award was particularly around ways that I’ve continued to reinforce and help women at the Disneyland Resort and The Walt Disney Company,” said Bri, who started her journey as a Daisy in kindergarten.

Bri carried her passion for community engagement and advocating for women throughout her career. “In my role at the Disneyland Resort, a passion point for me is highlighting what women and allies are already doing, rather than focus on what women need to do. We need to shift the narrative from what we think it is to what it really is.”

“The community workforce development initiative is not just important for business, but it’s fundamental for how we think about ourselves as a greater community in Orange County, Southern California and in the world,” said Bri. “The more we recognize the importance of community, the more we see the impact that we have on each other and the better we do. What I’m excited to see through this workforce development initiative is that we continue to recognize within each other how much we have to give to one another, no matter how big or small.”


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