A Little Bit of Madness, A Whole Lot of FUN at Disneyland Resort!

Amy Cassidy

by , Internal Communications Specialist

Holmes couldn’t crack it. Nancy Drew couldn’t solve it. Columbo wouldn’t dare take the case. Where could Minnie Mouse turn? Who could help her end the madness? (Insert dramatic music here.)

Late into the night and into the morning at Disney California Adventure park, Minnie and her Clue Crew enlisted the help of 400 teams of cast members and their friends to help solve “The Mystery of the Missing Snacks” in the return of the beloved cast event, Minnie’s Moonlit Madness. Tethered by the bonds of friendship (and a rope), 1,600 super sleuths solved puzzles, decoded riddles and tested their Disney trivia knowledge in hopes of saving Oswald’s 95th birthday bash.

The OC Food Bank receiving a surprise $100,00 donation at Disneyland Resort during Minnie's Moonlit Madness
The OC Food Bank was the recipient of a surprise $100,00 donation.

Each year, Minnie’s Moonlit Madness selects a local nonprofit to receive the event proceeds. This year, the OC Food Bank was on hand to receive a $5,000 donation, but Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock had an extra magical moment in store. “On behalf of our cast members, the Disneyland Resort and our Disney VoluntEARS, I am very excited to present the OC Food Bank with an additional check in the amount of $100,000,” Ken shared onstage with Detective Minnie by his side.

Disneyland Resort Lifeguard Coy Zindell and his team after a successful night at Minnie's Moonlit Madness
Lifeguard Coy Zindell and his team after a successful night of madness.

It was a meaningful night for those in attendance as they celebrated the return of another cast member favorite. “My team and I definitely walked away with a lot of memories that we get to cherish. I think my personal favorite was getting our last clue in with only a minute left of the game,” said Lifeguard Coy Zindell. “I definitely am excited to participate in Minnie’s Moonlit Madness again next year and I know that my team is as well.”

Disneyland Resort cast members participating in Minnie’s Moonlit Madness
Clue Crew Members prepping the clues followed by a group photo on game day!

This night of madness was made possible by the incredible Cast Activities team and their Clue Crew, whose members spend months developing, testing and adjusting the scavenger hunt.  “I love that being a part of this event allows me to create experiences and memories that are magical for (cast members),” said Clue Crew member Craig Kawamoto of the Walt Disney Travel Company. “There is nothing like seeing close to 2,000 energetic participants so excited to take part in something you put your heart into.”

With Mickey Bars in hand, cast members and their friends bid a goodnight with another successful Minnie’s Moonlit Madness in the books!


  • Minnie’s Moonlit Madness was one of my favorite events as a cast member (our team took third place one year). Such a fantastic event! That and the annual 5K (not RunDisney, but riding an attraction for 5 kilometers to raise money for local charities — the attraction would change year to year) were my favorites, even above the canoe races!

  • A team that I was part of took third place one year at Disneyland! This is one of the many amazing events available for cast members (is the [insert attraction here since it changed every year] 5K still a thing? That was another one of my favorites.

    For anyone unfamiliar, it wasn’t a RunDisney thing; it was cast members riding an attraction for 5 kilometers, to raise money for charity. A TON of fun. My two favorites were Prates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion (that was a “Mystery 5K” and we didn’t even know what attraction we were riding until we got there).

    Disneyland really goes all out on these events to make them special, and makes being a cast member feel even better than it already does just helping guests have a wonderful time!

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