Honoring Cast as New Recipients of The Walt Disney Legacy Award

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by , Communications Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Earlier this year, we shared a peek behind the curtain about the Blue Legacy Nametag, what these special nametags mean, and revealed that nominations for The Walt Disney Legacy award were about to begin. Fast forward to today and I’m thrilled to share a select number of cast members, crew, Imagineers and employees have now been notified they were selected to receive this prestigious award with more notifications of their peers to follow in the coming weeks!

The Walt Disney Legacy Award is Disney Parks, Experiences and Products’ highest honor and recognizes truly exceptional individuals within the organization who excel in the criteria of DreamCreate and Inspire. Surprise notifications began yesterday for our Disney cast members, crew, Imagineers and employees who put forth their very best for our guests, their fellow cast and the company. Take a look at just a few of the special moments happening across the globe during this first week of notifications.

“Janet looks to the future with optimistic eyes, upholding a legacy of excellence for guests.”
“There is no one more positive than Kaitlin and it shows with everything she does.”
“Brandon creates trust with his cast, peers, and his leader and he accomplishes this by being a person of great integrity and courage.”
“Kelly goes above and beyond to inspire everyone they interact with. With their weekly ‘Walt Quote Wednesday,’ they embrace Walt Disney’s spirit as well as their passion to encourage every cast member they come across to be the best they can be.”

You never know who the next recipient of The Walt Disney Legacy Award will be so stay tuned to @DisneyParks and our global Disney Ambassadors as we continue to celebrate our new recipients!

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  • My wife (Lisa Vargas) works in Custodial at DL and won one this year. She truly epitomizes “Walt’s Way”. I’m very proud of her!

  • I honestly thought this would be my family’s last time to DisneyWorld. After being blessed with Raevon as a VIP tour guide three years ago who in one day made us feel so special that we are visiting the parks again. Now having experienced Kelly in one day. I have never seen a person learn and inspire with such ease, and not just to our family but to all the cast and crew members she encountered during the day with us. She even cleaned up the trash on several occasions, beating a cast member to his job and helping him out with a smile. She was able to communicate with my tweens on their level as well my husband and I on ours. Her positive attitude, amazing energy, pleasant nature to be around is no surprise that she won this award. Make note of this cast member. She’s super sharp, knows her stuff, and is undeniably talented. She embodies the magic when Disney says ‘have a magical day.’ Congratulations from us Kelly!

  • What a honor it is to receive this it is truly humbling to be in a group of people that are living out Walts dream
    I’m still trying to let this all sink in ! I have such a love for what I do here and so much respect for all my fellow cast members, For me if I can bring joy to my guest and cast if it’s just the littlest thing then my day is complete
    Remember one thing Love what you do and you will never work a day in your life ! And I truly Love everyday

  • In reference to Michelle’s comment:
    The recipients of the award were not solely Guest Relations related CM.. It just happens that this particular post seemed to focus on them, likely due to them having the easiest access to multiple recipients in one place. A friend of mine just received his, and is not with GR

  • Congrats to All!!!! Also, Michelle, one of the 3 pics above are Guest Relations, the other 2 are VIP tours and Entertainment. But aside from that, I imagine Guest Relations areas get this prestigious award a lot because they deal with so many snarky and grouchy people constantly and do it with a smile. Just a guess.

  • I am not understanding why the only winners are in Guest Relations?

    So the biggest spenders get to decide who treats people like Walt?

    Not trying to be snarky but I have never had a Guest Relations person ever even response with a good morning after I have greeted them. I have never been treated like the sum of the earth then by any guest relations cast behind the scenes

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