How Disneyland Paris Cast Create Authentic Artisan Pizza at Avengers Campus

Juan Carlos Lorite

by , Communications Coordinator, HR Marketing at Disneyland Paris

Preparing homemade pizzas in front of the watchful eyes of new Marvel Avengers Campus recruits? Check!

The École Française de Pizzaiolo was in charge of training the Disneyland Paris food & beverage teams who work in the Stark Factory restaurant, located in Marvel Avengers Campus. Cast members learned how to handle, store, shape and cook fresh pizza dough like real pros. This training is part of the profession’s training and illustrates the company’s commitment to cast members by developing essential career-building skills.

Chef James Bellito wanted to create an immersive eating experience with spectacular products, in a spectacular universe. He had to recruit and train a team to work in a kitchen where cast members prepare 300 kg. (about 660 pounds) of fresh pizza dough every day.

The director of the École Française de Pizzaiolo, Eric Riem, explains that transferring skills to the Disneyland Paris teams is a point of pride for his school and an exceptional showcase for this artisan savoir-faire. The challenge was to safeguard the authenticity of pizza al taglio: preparing the rectangular pan pizzas using traditional methods, fresh products straight from Italy and cooked in a huge open-flame oven.

Marie-Ange Palmizin, a food & beverage cast member, was up for the challenge! “It’s the first time this concept has been used at Disneyland Paris, a company that truly helps us develop our skills,” said Marie-Ange. Meanwhile Valentino Rizzo, demi-chef de partie, was happy to contribute his “experience in our kitchens and [his] passion for pizza.”

On top of the pizza that cast are preparing in the kitchen, the Stark Factory menu also includes vegetarian choices, salads, fresh pasta and a signature dessert inspired by the God of Thunder’s favorite treat, as seen in the Marvel Studios film “Thor.” When you walk inside the Stark Factory you’ll be able to see traces of S.H.I.E.L.D. activities and equipment designed by Tony Stark, like the Hulkbuster. This armor, crafted with the help of Bruce Banner to stop the Hulk, is on display exclusively at Disneyland Paris.

The Hulkbuster located inside the Stark Factory restaurant
The Hulkbuster located inside the Stark Factory restaurant.

If the Stark Factory isn’t enough to fill you up during your visit, be sure to check out the other food outlets in the Marvel Avengers Campus.

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