Mobile Cast Compliment Feature Now Available on the Disneyland App

Kyleigh Johnson

by , External Communications Manager, Disneyland Resort

Cast members have received countless recognitions over the years through guest letters, emails and the thousands of posts we see on social media using #CastCompliment, and now, the popular mobile cast compliment feature is available in the Disneyland app! Starting today, the Disneyland app offers a convenient, digital way for Disneyland Resort guests to show their gratitude to the cast members that are the heart of the Resort. 

To access the mobile cast compliment feature, search “cast compliment” in the Disneyland app. Guests will be able to choose a positive sentiment from a drop-down menu. From there, they can enter the cast member’s first name and hometown (which can be found on each cast member’s name tag) and the date of their interaction. The recognized cast member will be alerted, along with their leader, and they can receive a recognition. If you didn’t catch a name, that’s OK; you can still share a compliment about the location or area where your magic happened!

Walt Disney World launched mobile cast compliments during The World’s Most Magical Celebration in October 2021 and has already garnered over 360,000 recognitions. We can’t wait to start seeing your compliments for Disneyland Resort cast members – after all, cast members create magic and memories for guests each and every day. Now you can help make magic for cast throughout the Resort by sending a mobile cast compliment during your next Disneyland Resort visit. 

This is an appreciation note with character artwork, an example of the recognition cast members will receive.
Here’s an example of the recognition cast members will receive.


  • We were at Epcot on Wednesday January 11th 2023. My 4 yo son is autistic and qualifies for DAS.
    The night before we got to the park we found out my In laws surprised us and drove in from NJ to join us at Epcot for the day. My only concern was we already had 6 ppl linked to the DAS pass.
    As soon as my husband and I got to the park we ran to a cast member named Nathan to see if there was anything that could be done. He looked everything up but said because my in-laws didn’t link their tickets up yet to their account we would have to wait.
    A hour later Once they got into the park we went to another blue umbrella post and met with another Nathan. We explained and he took his time, linked the accounts, cleaned up our account ( we had a couple fake names that he removed for us) and was kind enough to include my in-laws on the DAS pass ( we were very grateful b/c we know it’s a courtesy) . He went above and beyond and was so kind and friendly. Thank you Nathan (2) !
    Then, about two hours later we were getting on a ride and the first Nathan (from the morning) we spoke to ran up to us, remembered who we were and our situation and asked if everything worked out with our in-laws and the DAS pass.
    It was so sweet and kind that he remembered us 4 hrs later and went out of his way to make sure we were taken care of. He left such a positive impact on us. It was such a small act but made our hearts so full. Thank you Nathan (1)
    These two men are class acts, hard workers, and Disney is very lucky to have them.
    Thank you again Nathan 1 and Nathan 2!!!!

  • I Would like to thank Lee from Espn.She helped me With my Kids.She Was on break and i Know she didnt have to but she jumped into action after my stuff Kids are toddlers and they were hyper.Lee made it easier for me.small things matter.thank You Lee.

  • Zero at All Star Music is phenomenal! He’s so kind, and genuinely enjoyed hanging out with the kids and adults. He has a great sense of humor and made everyone feel special! He even laughed at the joke my daughter told do you make a tissue dance…you put a boogie in it. Lol! Thank you Zero for making our vacation amazing! Keep being you!

  • Just to avoid confusion here;
    I posted the first comment on August 26, but I am not the same “Fred” that posted the August 29, 3:43 am comment.

  • Darrell Patrick Russell
    Was cleaning restrooms today
    In san Francisco area
    Dca area san Francisco
    He cleaned the restrooms so good
    I thanked him he was very polite
    And he gave me the respect to call me sir
    Darrell is a very nice cast member
    He made my day and my trip was great
    He even gave me a mickey mouse sticker
    Darrell made my visit over the top
    My visit and stay makes me want to visit

  • So glad this feature is coming to Disneyland at last! The awesome cast members deserve all the recognition they can get. 🙂

  • This is a wonderful feature!

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