Celebrating Hispanic and Latin American Heritage at Disney Beyond Spanish

Cinthia Douglas

by , Marketing and Sales Director for Latin America

Oi, tudo bem? My name is Cinthia Douglas and I am excited to share a little bit about myself and my culture in celebration of Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month. I was born and raised in São José dos Campos, a suburb of São Paulo, Brazil, and earlier this year I celebrated my 10-year Anniversary working at Disney.

Disney as a brand is a big part of Brazilian culture. Many families dream of visiting Disney parks at least once in their lifetime. I still vividly remember when my parents sent my sister to Disney for her 15th birthday. I was in awe to hear all about her experience and enjoyed the souvenirs she brought back from her trip. A few years later, my father’s work moved us to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and my parents took me to Walt Disney World for the first time. I remember telling my mom “Um dia eu vou trabalhar aqui!” (“One day, I will work here!”)

Today, as a Sales and Marketing Director, I lead the most incredible team that represents sales, training and trade marketing for Walt Disney World, Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland across Latin America. Our team is very proud to represent such an incredible brand, and the hopes and dreams of so many in our home countries. We’re able to celebrate our Hispanic and Latin American Heritage every day of the year. I believe this is our “superpower.” Our team is a haven where we can truly be ourselves, speak our native languages and build relationships across markets with one major goal in mind – to make Disney vacation dreams come true.

I’ve worked on so many incredible projects over the past 10 years. One of my all-time favorites is a recent project with Azul Airlines in Brazil. Azul is launching four Walt Disney World-inspired airplanes to bring the magic all over Brazil. I still get chills knowing this is my job.

Despite loving my job, living away from family long-term was the hardest decision I have ever had to make. My dad’s company relocated him back to Brazil when I was 17, but I chose to stay in the U.S. with no family because I had earned a scholarship to attend University of Central Florida. The “saudade” (feeling of missing them) has never ever gone away, but over time and with improvement in technology, our family has remained very close. We share special moments as often as we can, and our time together is truly special.

I’m also fortunate to share the connection and cultural moments with my team, colleagues and partners – which is truly such a unique and special part of my job. I often reflect on my life’s path and making the decision of staying in the United States when my family moved back to Brazil.  Although hard, I am grateful for being able to make my own dreams come true, and now – through work – I’m helping others accomplish their dreams.


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