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Just Announced: Magical New Experiences Coming to Walt Disney World Resort

Vanessa de la Viña

by , Public Relations Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

The “Most Magical Place on Earth” is known for inspiring imagination and creating unforgettable memories for generations. Well, get ready because the magic at Walt Disney World Resort is flourishing with all-new attractions, the return of fan-favorites and the addition of beloved characters.

Sunday at D23 Expo 2022, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro made several exciting announcements about the future of Walt Disney World Resort.

Dazzling Additions to Magic Kingdom Park

“Happily Ever After” at Magic Kingdom Park

Ready to begin … Those words will fill the air with the popular anthem “Happily Ever After” when an updated nighttime spectacular lights up the skies at Magic Kingdom Park in 2023.

TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom Park

That won’t be the only addition lighting up the skies at Magic Kingdom Park. Neon lights and speeding lightcycles will fill Tomorrowland as your chance to enter the grid with TRON Lightcycle / Run arrives in spring 2023. You’ll climb aboard your very own Lightcycle and race through a dark, computerized world alongside your family and friends. As you swoop and swerve throughout the course, your team will compete to be the first to race through eight Energy Gates and claim victory.

The Hatbox Ghost

Foolish mortals, prepare yourselves for a new happy haunt at the Haunted Mansion. The Hatbox Ghost has heard your calls and will materialize next year. You may recognize this popular character from the attraction at Disneyland Resort in California.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Are you ready to head down the bayou? Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will take you along with Princess Tiana, Prince Naveen and their friends as they host a party at Tiana’s Place for the people of New Orleans. It’s up to you to help find the missing ingredient when this exciting new attraction opens in late 2024.

The Transformation of EPCOT Continues

The multi-year transformation of EPCOT will soon reach another major milestone with the completion of the World Celebration neighborhood in late 2023.

“Walt the Dreamer” Statue

With lush, green space for you to relax, plus the opening of Communicore Hall and Communicore Plaza, this central location in the park will be the new home for festivals and the perfect space to gather with family and friends. It will also be home to Dreamers Point, an inspiring new area where you can view the new Walt Disney statue called “Walt the Dreamer.”

Model of  Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana coming to EPCOT

Over in World Nature – the EPCOT neighborhood dedicated to understanding and preserving the beauty, awe, and balance of the natural world – we’re excited to share that Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana, will also open in late 2023. The new exploration trail will allow guests to learn about the story of water on our planet. As you may have seen through Moana’s bond with the ocean, water has a mind of its own, and you’ll get to interact with it throughout this attraction.

Imagination has always been a core theme at EPCOT, with attractions and experiences that push the boundaries. There’s one key character who always comes to mind when we think about imagination, and he’s coming to life in a whole new way by the end of next year. That’s right, you’ll be able to meet Figment in person at EPCOT.

As we look ahead to the future and the celebration of the Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary, we’re excited to share that a new nighttime spectacular is in the works for EPCOT. The new show is currently in development and will debut late next year, carrying on the park’s legacy of inspiring nighttime entertainment that unites guests around World Showcase Lagoon.

There’s so much to look forward to! What are you most excited about? Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more updates about what’s to come at Walt Disney World Resort.


  • 1st. Maintenance needs to be done on major rides constantly breaking down
    2nd Animatronics need a complete update
    3rd Disney needs to step up quality of merchandise for the price
    4th Disney take a good look at your overpricing, at least give the fast pass back at no charge.

  • You are right. All prices must rise along with their costs. In order to provide new experiences new things must be developed. All this is to be expected and comes with a price. If you want to get prices of things back down to where Walt would have found acceptable to provide a wholesome family experience at his amusement parks you will need to bring the CEO compensation out of the Stratosphere and back down to earth. Compensation should not be based on where you went to school or who you know. It should be based upon the value you can add to the business. Saying, if the business needs more money to pay me or to do business just charge the customer more. This is poor logic and eventually the customers (all of them, including the snobby wealthy ones) will wise up and you will be left holding the empty bag. Wise up and consider who helped Walt build his empire. It was the WHOLESOME FAMILY UNIT. That was his focus. If you don’t believe me look at his Carosel of Progress.
    That ride embraces everything that was Walt. Somebody there needs to get a grip on things.

  • “New” experiences at the Magic Kingdom = an old firework show, a ride that will have taken almost 6 years to build & open, and a 60 year old Hatbox Ghost idea. Still no night parade and an incomplete day parade.
    Prices higher than ever. Okay.

  • I’ve just come back from Disney world, And i must say the prices are absolutely Ridiculous. Talk about day light robbery! we stayed at Art of Animation, And we had what we expected. We have been here so many times and it has Everything. The first thing i noticed was the Disney Dining has now gone. And have been replaced with A Doller Dinning card. $856 per room. When Disney did this they never took in to consideration of 1 thing. How can you expect the same amount of Money is fair for a room of 2 to a room of 6. Bare in mind, Breakfast for a party of 3 came to $46 dollars in the resort. We stayed for 14 days. and we had to tell the children in the end that we could not have an ice cream in the park. Because they was at $5 and a Donut was coming in at $6. Disney worked on the dinning plan Because it worked well with limiting your meals but also felt like you wasn’t on a budget of $30 a day for a party of 3 to cover Breakfast, Lunch and a snack. Impossible to do. I love Disney and have been so many times, But this time i saw and felt a massive money rise and I just don’t know if I would hurry back soon. Please please look at some of the prices Disney.

  • Disney has never been a place for regular families. If you take into account inflation, and other factors the prices are less than they should be. If Walt would be upset about anything it would be that they aren’t charging enough.

  • @Mark you are spot on, WDW is becoming out of reach for regular families. Walt would not be too pleased.
    HOWEVER – I AM THRILLED over the statue of Walt coming to EPCOT! Looks AMAZING!
    I have to say I some apprehensions with the “new” neighborhoods of EPCOT as they sure don’t seem FUTURISTIC!
    I don’t doubt the Moana water etc will be incredible, but it just doesn’t square with future, for me at least. I feel like you are trying to accommodate too much and taking away the original theme of EPCOT…Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Please for the love of all things Disney, get that ugly Harmonious LED barges out of the once pretty waters of EPCOT. That is the worst eyesore EVER. The show didn’t blow me over either. Everyone is talking about Happily Ever After but meeting Figment again?! That’s news!

  • To bad Disney has priced most people out of Disney… Priced same trip same hotel same room type. And it is $200 to $300 more per night.. Sorry that is highway robbery… And I don’t believe that is what Walt wanted…

  • I can’t wait to ride on Tron lightcycle/run next year and I can’t hardly wait for Tron Lightcycle run at the Magic Kingdom awesome!

  • The wait for Tron has been verry long. 2023 is minimum the Railroad needs to come back now!!

  • Very excited about Green space and new statue. EPCOT has needed more resting places. Thank you!

  • OMG happily ever after and Figment this is going to be the best year ever!

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