Watch Now: ‘Lunchbox Mystery,’ Premiered at D23 Expo, the Newest Video from Duffy and Friends

Charlie Watanabe

by , Story Editor Sr., Walt Disney Imagineering

Have you had the experience of losing something important to you? If so, this brand-new stop motion video “Lunchbox Mystery,” that premiered at D23 Expo in Anaheim during “The World of Duffy and Friends Revealed” panel, will show you that losing something may end up bringing you unexpected happiness.

In this story, Duffy’s newest friend, LinaBell, uses her detective dexterity to save the day when Duffy’s lunchbox goes missing. What we all learn from this adventure is that clues to happiness abound, and two of the most critical ones are friends and your genuine care for others. As usual, their ultimate innocence and endless charm keep us smiling. Who doesn’t want friends who are loving, caring, and intelligent?

We are excited that LinaBell has been introduced to guests at Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea starting this past week, after first being introduced last fall at Shanghai Disneyland. Shanghai Disneyland is currently celebrating Duffy Month throughout the month of September.

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  • 会報を見て拝見しました。世界中に素敵なダッフィーストーリーを提供するお仕事、素敵ですね。大切なものを思い出させる動画でした。ありがとうございました!

  • I hope this means a complete relaunch of the product line in the United States. I don’t need the costumes, just the plush!

  • I hope this means a complete relaunch of the entire product line in the United States! I don’t need the costumes; I just want the plush!

  • My daughter will be thrilled to know that September is Duffy Month as it’s her birthday month too! We’ve been a Duffy loving family for years.

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