Villains Haunt Disney Mirrorverse in October

Melissa Lee

by , Senior Specialist, Public Relations, Disney Consumer Products, Games, and Publishing

Do you feel a certain chill in the air? Even in the Mirrorverse, Disney’s iconic villains make their presence known with a frightfully wicked vibe all their own!

Hades in Disney Mirrorverse

Starting Oct. 6, fans will scream – with equal parts delight and terror – that the king of the Underworld, Hades, is finally available to add to your Mirrorverse team! Sarcastically cruel and explosively volatile, in the Mirrorverse, Hades is amplified to command the denizens of his Underworld realm like an army that obeys all orders from their fiery general. Take on Hades’ Terrifying Trials event in-game from Oct. 6 through Oct. 18 … if you dare!

Cruella De Vil in Disney Mirrorverse

Another villain makes her devil-ish debut in the Mirrorverse this month – Cruella De Vil! Known throughout her Mirrorverse world as the Queen of Crime, Cruella is infamous for her high-flying capers and daring escapades. And if any meddlers get too close, she carries a sonic disruptor that sends them running. This weapon is also handy for shattering Fractured, making her valuable as a Guardian… whether the other Guardians like it or not! Cruella’s Opportunist Operation event awaits you, from Oct. 19 through Nov. 1 in Disney Mirrorverse.

Jack Skellington in Disney Mirrorverse

Not all good things in the Mirrorverse this month are “bad” however. None other than Jack Skellington is an all-new defender of the Mirrorverse in his own uniquely spirited style! Stellar Magic in the Mirrorverse has amplified Jack’s scare powers along with his holiday spirit. His holiday mash-ups bring cheer to his fellow Guardians, and fear to the Fractured enemies. Log in on Oct. 25th to add the powerfully evolved Jack Skellington to your team!

Play Disney Mirrorverse all this month for even more chilling chances to build your dream team of dread with Maleficent (Oct. 16 – Oct. 23) and Ursula (Oct. 20 – Oct. 27). Disney Mirrorverse is available worldwide and can be downloaded for free on the App Store or Google Play and contains in-app purchases.