2 Nat Geo Live Experts with Hair-Raising Big Cat Tales to Tell on Jaguar Day

Robyn Sheckler

by , External Communications Manager, Disney Institute and National Geographic Live

National Geographic Live takes you on an adventure the moment our shows begin, and today’s story takes you on a global expedition, plunging you into the depths of the jungle! Today is International Jaguar Day, and we’re celebrating these magnificent big cats through the spectacular work of two National Geographic experts. Both experts will share their firsthand experiences with the majestic creatures and their natural habitats with audiences across the U.S. and Canada over the next several months.

National Geographic Live speaker, wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, and star of Nat Geo WILD’s Untamed, Filipe DeAndrade, brings his skill, unbridled passion, and irreverent sense of humor to tell audiences about his thrilling tales and close calls with some of the world’s most exotic animals. Born with a passion for wildlife and adventure, and native to Brazil, Filipe’s work gives viewers and Nat Geo Live event attendees an unfiltered look at what it’s like to come face-to-face with mother nature, survive extreme environments, and make unexpected discoveries. Along the way, he will also bring you face-to-face with some of the globe’s rarest animals including of course jaguars.

Credit: Steve Winter - Jaguar in Pantanal Brazil
Credit: Steve Winter – Jaguar in Pantanal Brazil

The mesmerizing big cat – not to be mistaken for a leopard – is the last great descendent of the saber tooth tiger. While thought to be solitary creatures, jaguars are socially dynamic, group hunters that thrive in the water. They have a bite force of 2,000 pounds per square inch and their striking rosette patterns are as unique as fingerprints are to humans. Their calls, ranging from roaring, mewing, and grunting, can be heard from miles away, and while they do most of their stalking on the ground, they are also skilled at climbing and fishing.

“I learned from the jaguars,” he said. “They’ve been my greatest teacher in life, and now they’re my favorite animal. They taught me the meaning of patience, pulled me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to test out other environments.

Award-winning photographer and author, Steve Winter, has been stalked by jaguars in Brazil – in addition to being charged by tigers in India and trapped in quicksand in the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar. 

When Steve takes the stage in the new year to recount his adventures with “On the Train of Big Cats,” he’ll bring you daringly close to tigers, snow leopards, cougars, and yes, of course jaguars. Steve’s goal throughout his career has been to not only capture the beauty, intelligence, and behaviors of the wildlife he photographs, but also to tell their stories. That includes the humans that impact both these animals’ lives and the ecosystems they live in, which keep our world in balance. He tries to create images that move people emotionally, bring international attention to the plight of wildlife, and ultimately, help protect his wild subjects. 

Steve says with his pictures that he can share images people haven’t seen before – the images that capture this animal’s stunning beauty and habits and show why its existence is so precarious. Earlier this spring he recalled, “I hope these pictures inspire you to act, to do something to help save it. With every story I publish, I hope people walk away feeling more hopeful for ourselves and our planet.” 

Tragically, jaguars have lost over 40 percent of their wildlife habitats and are in danger of losing even more vast amounts of space due to continued deforestation. Both Filipe and Steve hope that their images will educate and inspire people to do more to protect their environments and the world we all inhabit.

Be on the lookout for Filipe and Steve’s inspiring National Geographic Live sessions in a city near you, beginning in early 2023, and hear them speak about how to help out these and other beloved wild animals. To see where they will be at or learn more about National Geographic Live and our upcoming events, visit our website.


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