Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland Park Returns in Fresh, New Way in 2023

Kelsey Lynch

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

We know Disneyland Resort fans have been eager to learn more about the enhancements coming to the beloved treehouse in Adventureland at Disneyland park. Today, we are excited to share new details with you! 

Paying tribute to the original treehouse that Walt Disney and his Imagineers built in 1962 for the hit movie, “Swiss Family Robinson,” the Adventureland Treehouse inspired by Walt Disney’s Swiss Family Robinson will return in a fresh, new way at Disneyland park in 2023.  

The Adventureland Treehouse will showcase wonderous new environments created amongst the branches of a giant tree on the shores of the Jungle River, where guests will once again enter by the giant waterwheel and follow the wood rope stairways up, up, up into the boughs.

Adventureland Treehouse at Disneyland Park artist rendering

Here, you will find fascinating rooms that the family in this new story created for one another. From the mother’s music den (as depicted in the concept art above) and the young sons’ nature room to the teenage daughter’s astronomer’s loft, all things are fashioned from found objects, natural resources, and pure ingenuity. 

For those who would rather stay on terra firma, the bottom floor will showcase an ingenious kitchen and dining room, along with the father’s art studio, displaying hand-drawn sketches and paintings of each of the rooms. 

Walt Disney Imagineers are hard at work and delighted to bring this classic back in a fresh way, full of magic, enchantment, and wonder. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a tree in Disneyland?!

We look forward to sharing an opening date and more details about the new Adventureland Treehouse coming to Disneyland park in the future. 

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  • I’m so excited that some of my childhood nostalgia will return with the reimagined Treehouse. Although I loved Tarzan’s treehouse, I am excited to go back down memory lane. My kids are 8, 6 and 3 and thanks to Disney+, have watched the Swiss Family Robinson movie multiple times and will thoroughly enjoy the new attraction. We visited Disneyland twice last year and it was missed on our trips!

  • I’m really glad to hear an update about the treehouse. 🙂 I’ve been wondering since it closed what Disney Imagineers would be cooking up, and I’m definitely excited by what I’m seeing! 🙂

  • Last time I was at Disneyland, it seemed like the old tree was completely gone which made sense considering it was right in the middle of the walkway. Am I correct that the new tree will be in a different location? Can’t wait to see it.

  • I am sure it will be amazing. However most people have not seen the swiss family Robinson show. I was born in the 70’s and maybe saw it as a kid, but do not remember the story. I know my kids have not seen the show so the treehouse won’t have the “magic” it could have if the tree was themed around a more current movie.

  • If you read the full story this is not a return to the Swiss Family Robinson but a reimagineering of the treehouse for a new family on their own new adventure.

  • Very cool! Thank you for providing a much needed update.

  • @Carol.. I don’t think it will be ADA accessible, as it will still have stairs to go through the attraction.

  • I hope they will include the original Swisskapolka song from the original that used to play on the organ!

  • I love that this is being returned to a version of the original design! Definitely better than throwing random characters onto it!

  • My family is so happy to hear the Swiss Family Robinsons are coming back to their treehouse! The movie remains a classic and we can’t wait to see the updated treehouse! Thank you for bringing it back, it sounds like it will be an exciting new adventure!

  • Will it be ADA accessible?

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