A 45-Year Disney Career Celebrating Technologist Jay Miller

Jenna Tsakas

by , Communications & Experience Manager, Technology & Digital

In the Technology and Digital organization, we have lots of cast members with long Disney tenures and accompanying lists of impressive project contributions. For example, Jay Miller, Executive Director for Disney Signature Experiences technology, is featured in a photo at Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom Park.

Jay is in the top row, fourth from the left, sporting a Yankee’s jersey and handlebar mustache.

Jay started with the company in 1977 as a Riverboat Captain and made his mark by drafting one of the first steam-driven paddle-wheeler guide for engineers, formalizing routine operational instructions for operators. 

Over the years, Jay held roles across Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, transportation and resorts, all while working towards a degree in electrical engineering. After graduating from college, he was offered a position with Walt Disney Imagineering. Over the years, he used his project and program management talents to bring Disney parks and experiences to life – a few of which being park expansions, the opening of EPCOT’s Norway pavilion and Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

Fun fact about Jay: he was the first person to ever swim in the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool after offering to retrieve a radio someone had accidentally dropped. 

But beyond fun facts and interesting stories, Jay is a cast member with a love for his fellow cast, a people-oriented leadership style and a passion for the Disney brand and company history. “I think because of my tenure, I bring some of that magic that dates back to Walt Disney. I was around for a lot of pixie dusting, if that’s what you want to call it. I knew and worked with many people who had known and worked with Walt,” said Jay. 

Jay is certainly a pixie-dusted cast member, and he has many more career highlights – so many, they won’t all fit in one story. 

The Technology organization was fortunate to have Jay join the team in 2001. At the time, Walt Disney World Resort was embarking on a complete overhaul of its technologies to integrate everything into one emerging web presence. Jay put his people and program management skills to the test with this work! 

Jay currently supports technology for Disney Signature Experiences. Recently, he supported the acquisition and integration of the National Geographic Expeditions business, as well as contributing to Disney’s new residential community, Storyliving By Disney. But no matter what work Jay supports, the thing he loves most about being a cast member is the people he works with. 

“Every year is filled with something new…things to learn, people to meet, and experiences to share…but I enjoy most, the cast members that make up my team.” Jay recently celebrated his 45-year company anniversary and is looking forward to an even brighter future. 

“I’ve spent 21 years in technology now and have seen how tech is bringing together all areas of the business, from teams collaborating versus guests experiencing and exploring in our parks. I know that our future is bright.”