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A New Scene and New Critters Are Introduced for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Carmen Smith

by , Senior Vice President, Creative Development - Product/Content & Inclusive Strategies

We’re getting closer to going down the bayou with Tiana and friends as progress continues on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Since the attraction was announced in 2020, Imagineers have been hard at work designing an immersive experience inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios film “The Princess and the Frog” and the heart and culture of New Orleans. We’ve shared additional details and some sneak peeks since then at events such as ESSENCE Fest and D23 Expo 2022, demonstrating how our research brought us to New Orleans in an effort to remain authentic to the story’s setting. 

Today, I’m excited to give you a first look at a new scene and some of the brand-new characters we’re creating specifically for this attraction. In Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, you’ll join Princess Tiana and jazz-loving alligator Louis during Mardi Gras season as they prepare to host a one-of-a-kind celebration for the people of New Orleans. This new scene is the thrilling moment you first drop into the bayou and encounter some friends both new and familiar.  

As you can see here, fireflies will light up the night and invite you deeper into the bayou … almost like they’re waving you forward. What you can’t tell from this rendering – so you’ll just have to trust me on this one – is that beautiful zydeco music will fill the air. Zydeco is a special blend of rhythm and blues that was born in Louisiana, and when you hear it, you’ll feel like you’ve truly stepped into Tiana’s world.

Here you’ll find Louis, who explains where this amazing music is coming from. Tiana made some new friends out here – a band full of adorable critters, including an otter, a rabbit, a racoon, a beaver, a turtle and others. The band members sing and play instruments made of natural materials they found in the bayou. It feels like they may have a bigger role to play in this story … but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one. 

Like so many musical genres, zydeco brings together the sounds and styles of many cultures. We wanted that spirit reflected in this scene (and throughout the attraction) so that all our guests feel welcome to join in the celebration. It’s emblematic of what we’re always striving for with our attractions – bringing people of different backgrounds together through timeless Disney stories. This new musical adventure provides us with a song sheet to write that concept into reality. 

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will take you on a journey inspired by the story and characters from the hit film, picking up where that story left off. In preparation for this new experience and the many exciting updates ahead, Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World Resort will be closed starting Jan. 23, 2023, so we can begin the next phase of this attraction’s development. Additional information about Splash Mountain at Disneyland Resort will be shared at a later date.

Continue following along with the Disney Parks Blog for all updates relating to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as it makes its way to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort in 2024.


  • Will the drop still be there?

  • 💔 for the close of Splash Mountain forever! Was just at Disneyland November 14th for my Birthday and had a blast on the ride. This is truly sad news to here that one of my favorite rides is closing! Can’t you put it on part of Tom Sawyer Island? BTW ride closed along with Indiana Jones. FYI: Let the guests know about closed rides before they buy tickets! HERE IS AN IDEA 💡 redo the train display with the prehistoric stuff with Tianas garden. You could have many fun animated displays along the train route. Taste of the world train. Each section a different country to stop and eat and coincidence with Its A Small World! Would be very cool! Sorry just do not understand Tiana in New Orleans with mexican restaurant. Do those herbs grow in New Orleans? The whole vibe is just strange! Disney please listen to the guests that visit the park and keep what we like and add what is needed in the places that make since!

  • Being someone that has gone to Walt Disney World every year since I was five, this iconic ride has always been my Magic Kingdom favorite! It was the first “roller coaster” i have ever ridden and it breaks my heart to see this nostalgic, heartwarming ride go. Recently, the past 2 years we visited, we couldn’t ride Splash because it was closed for rennovations or something of that sort. This past summer was my last time I was able to ride (though I had no idea it would be) and figuring out it had been broke something inside of me. This ride is a core memory and soft spot in my heart and while a new ride is exciting, should we really say goodbye to the happiest ride?

  • We are getting ready! 2024 my 70th born day and 5 generations will be attending. ABSOLUTELY LOVED OUR 2022 VISIT! KUDOS TO ALL DISNEY TEAMS..YOU ARE TOP-TIER! HOW ABOUT THAT SANTA?

  • Wow the new ride sounds really amazing ! You get to ride with Tiana through the bayou looking for an ingredient for a recipe! I would probably ride it but I don’t think my heart could stand the excitement!

  • So grateful to be able to ride when we were there in October. My daughter loves the birds with the tambourines. I am a 70’s baby so the song and stories were a big part of my childhood along with me being from the South. I think at the time you were more excited about any representation. I am excited about the new ride as well and hope it is an immersive experience with smells and all. And not see posts where people are stuck on the ride. Lol.

  • This is so sad and disappointing. If they wanted to build a new ride, then like others said, build it somewhere else and dont destroy a ride that doesnt serve Disney’s political face.

    For those saying that we should just enjoy the old ride by watching old videos on it, please stop pushing your parasocial mindset on others. Unfortunately, we live our lives on the internet everyday. Arent places like these supposed to help us truly get away from that, and strive for something that we can actually feel and touch. Sure, sometimes viewing things we miss or havent seen before online are cool, but dont presume to replace real life experiences for fake ones otheriwse we all might as well live in simulations.

    Its things like these that are putting Disney under, look at all their movies, business ventures and park revenue plummeting. Why? No, its not because of new Bob Chapek. Its old Bob Iger and his horrible band of executives who have single-handedly destroyed the Disney dream and have been steering us in this direction for some time. To be on the right side of history he says, to make everything politically correct, exclude the many to appease the few and relevant.

    Never trust people that say that, no matter how you lean. Its a totalitarian way of speaking and they destroy everything they touch, like nostalgic rides that have made people happy.

  • I have one more thing that I want to add;

    When it comes to negative internet rumors concerning this re-theme, anonymous internet sources are usually not trustworthy. Literally anyone on the internet can claim “I have inside sources”. Most of the time people are just lying so they can feel important and get attention. Or, if they do have “inside sources”, those sources are usually in very low-level positions in the company (because these “inside sources” have obviously not signed a non-disclosure agreement) and are just grossly misinformed, or are just trying to stir the pot by sowing doubt.

  • I am excited for TIANA’s BAYOU ADVENTURE ride also for Disneyland park Anaheim California as well.

    As long as I hope that Disney imagineers and Disneyland cast would work on develop to CHANGE Old Disneyland version flume boats logs where originally has 1 seaters per row to be removed and REPLACED by NEW flume boats for 2 seaters per 2 row each for 2 people can sit next to each other in case even people who are couple can sit next to each other as even more comfortable seats better to have double seats side by side flumes new design for replacement for Disneyland park Anaheim California as well I hope as based on romantic animated film 2009.

    So I’m sure if Disneyland can retract and stretch out wider to make good room for rebuild the new flumes boats logs for 2 seaters also to places that room for Disneyland Anaheim as well, with while splitting out of Critter Country and move to New Orleans Square alongside with it. I hope for?

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. A ride that’s been so popular for 30 years (33 for Disneyland) all of a sudden deemed “problematic”. People do know that they are not forced to ride it if they don’t like it, right? You’re making a huge mistake, and with this rushed project many will surely be disappointed with the outcome when it’s all said and done. Then they’ll be begging for Splash Mountain back. Mist and strobe lights advertised as “true bayou magic”. Laughable. Disney, wake up before you make the biggest mistake possible. Erasing real African American culture under the guise of inclusion is pretty sick. Sad to see you trying to erase the work of the first ever African American male to win an Academy Award. Do better.

  • Sadly not Gari, as I can imagine the line being the second to last day, and I get in from Australia in the evening. AU$214 is a little too high a price to pay for just the possibility of riding it one last time.

    I was hoping for a Mar/Apr closure as they opened Tron. As that would have made the most sense.

  • Apologies if this is clear to everyone else, but does this mean the last day to ride Splash Mountain is January 22nd, and that the ride is actually closed on January 23rd?

  • Luke, will you not have time to ride it in the evening before the park closes?

  • I’m of the school of thought, why destroy, build more, Splash Mountain is adorable, the characters are cute and funny and the Showboat at the end is endearing to see and listen to as well. I just don’t see why we cannot be giving Tiana her own ride without destroying a beloved ride. Disney destroys too many rides, like in Norway, I just find a fake city ride for Norway undermines the integrity of World Showcase. At least with Ratatouille in France it ties in seamlessly. Tiana would’ve been better served in Fantasyland not Adventureland/Frontierland.

  • I’m so excited for the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Disney World. I can’t wait for 2024!

  • I’m really looking forward to this, I have felt for years that Splash Mountain was in need of an update and refresh, and I am always open to new experiences in the parks. I hope we get news about the date for the Disneyland version soon.

    If there are people on social media who think that the majority of the public is against this change, they are most likely wrong, because they are not taking into account the millions of people who support this change who are *not* active on social media. There are literally millions of people who never share their opinions social media in any form at all. On that note, online polling (such as online petitions and other social media polls) are *not* accurate scientific polling, online polls are just made up of biased convenience sampling.

    In the real world, most people are either open to this change, or are simply indifferent about it. So, people really need to leave their online echo chamber and get a broader, non-biased perspective.

    And by the way, Splash Mountain is *not* a representation of “authentic” African American folklore, because it is just the Disney-fied version of Br’er Rabbit. Splash Mountain is only loosely based on the actual Br’er Rabbit stories. To add to this, in Splash Mountain, Br’er Rabbit is voiced by a white actor; Jess Harnell. (Unlike the character’s original appearance in Song of the South, in which he was played by a black actor; Johnny Lee). So, Splash Mountain is not “authentic” representation. 

    Also, for the people who are unhappy with this change, they will still be able to watch countless ride-through videos of Splash Mountain on the Internet for the rest of their lives, or they can always go to Tokyo Disneyland if they want to ride Splash Mountain.

    Bring on Tiana’s Bayou Adventure!

  • I am absolutely crushed!!!!! We arrive February 11th for our 3rd trip to Disney World and every time we’ve went Splash Mountain was shut down for refurbishment. The last I read it was going to stay open til the end of the 50th celebration so we were SOOOOOO excited to finally be able to ride it. 🙁 Maybe one day we might actually get too.

  • I get in to Florida on 1/22/23 and start my DCP on 1/23/23. Crushed I won’t be able to visit my laughing place one last time.

    Excited for a new adventure though.

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