Enter Now for a Chance to Attend Disney Imagination Campus 100 Teachers Celebration at Disneyland Resort

Beth Monnig

by , Marketing Strategy Associate Manager, Disney Imagination Campus

In 2023, The Walt Disney Company will mark its 100th anniversary. As part of the celebration, Disney Imagination Campus plans to recognize 100 exceptional teachers who reflect the creativity and imagination of Walt Disney to attend a one-of-a-kind teacher event.

We encourage elementary, middle and high school teachers across the country to enter our contest by submitting an inspiring essay for a chance to win a trip to Disneyland Resort in California to take place during Teachers Appreciation Week in May 2023!

The 100 winners will be treated to a four-day, three-night stay at the Disneyland Resort to experience the Disney100 celebration as well as an inside look into Disney Imagination Campus workshops and offerings.

This exciting weekend is full of once-in-a-lifetime moments that will inspire teachers’ creativity while celebrating their amazing accomplishments. Winners will be honored with an inspiring keynote speech and will get to experience the reimagined Disney Imagination Campus workshops reflecting curriculum in Science & Technology, Arts & Humanities, Leadership & Innovation and Performing Arts. And, of course, they will experience all the magic of the Disney100 celebration at the Disneyland Resort through surprise special moments and amazing new experiences! 

In addition, we’re also hosting a sweepstakes where 100 teachers will win a $100 Disney Gift card.

Now through February 11, 2023, teachers can enter for a chance to join us! Follow these three simple steps to enter:

Essay question: Describe an example where you brought wonder, creativity and imagination to life in your curriculum that inspired students in new ways.

No Purchase Necessary. Open only to elementary, middle, and high school teachers employed in a public or private school who are legal residents of the 50 US/DC, 21 years+. Begins 12/8/22 and ends 2/11/23. For rules visit DisneyteachersContest.com/en-us/rules. Void where prohibited. Message and data rates may apply. ©Disney

For more information about Disney Imagination Campus, visit our website at disneycampus.com, follow us at @DisneyImaginationCampus on social media, or sign up for our email newsletter.


  • Thanks for the heads up!! And the link!!

  • Has anyone gotten a winners list?

  • I am so excited. I got my email yesterday and sent in my info. Carly has been quick to respond with my questions. This is so surreal. Can’t wait to see you all May 5.

  • I just wanted to say hi. I am so excited and honored to be a part of the celebration. I just got notification that my flight and hotel are booked. I was also able to book my +1 on the same flight with me. Does anyone know what hotel we will be staying in? I am excited to meet you all in a few weeks.

  • They won’t publish the list of winners until everyone is confirmed and they are still working through all of that with background checks, etc. They will announce the list of winners once that is all set and closer to the date of the event. Someone was told that they will have an official announcement the first week of May. I imagine that that will be on a blog (like this) and/or social media, etc.

    Congratulations to the winners! If you are a winner and haven’t joined yet, there is a facebook group. I doubt I am allowed to share it here, but you can search for it. IYKYK 🙂

  • Hi! still haven’t received the list of winners. I will let you all know if/when I do. Still not sure how to share it since we can’t share emails on here apparently. Someone suggested a FB group. If someone has a group and would like to share it, please do. I don’t have FB but I think I can use a family members!

    Still wishing I get an email. Nothing yet. Anyone else?

  • Hello,
    Can @Tina send a list of the winners? Thanks

  • Can someone send me a list of the winners when it is released? I have received my “confirmed winner” email and would love to see the names of all the other teachers going on the trip as well!

  • @Alex Yes, your companion will have to find either the same flight or get in around that time on another airline so they can go from LAX to Disney property with you and back to LAX on that Sunday.

  • For those you’ve already completed the trip confirmation where they’re booking the air flight and everything, I know in the details we only won one round-trip airfare for us as the winner. I assume the guest has to find their own way over, correct? And so we have to scramble and try to find either the same exact air flight for our guest or one that’s close to it?

  • @Tina can you send me the winners list maybe through Facebook??

  • I am an extremely excited and grateful high school choral director from Maryland who received the initial news about being a potential winner 3 days ago. I NEVER thought my essay would be considered or even be selected as a potential winner. My principal and students are going to totally freak out! My entire classroom is Mickey and Minnie mouse…with musical mousekatools included. I can’t wait to meet other teachers and learn from their experience and expertise!!!

  • Does anyone know what hotel we are staying at? I’m really hoping it’s the Disneyland Hotel! I’m so excited too. I was so disappointed on March 31 constantly checking my email to see if I was a winner but didn’t get an email. Then I was beyond happy and surprised on Thursday when I got an email. See ya real soon!

  • @Tylar they have us leaving on the 4th, which it looks like is the day everyone flies in. It looks like we will start the festivities on the 5th with all the teachers, and the 6th will be used for time in the parks.
    @Alex, yes I was in school this past week. Hopefully you get an answer soon.

  • For the one who received your booking confirmation today, I assume you all were in school this week? Since we don’t go back til next week after Easter, no one will be able to talk to my principal til then (maybe) and can confirm booking until afterwards? Completed initial paperwork and got confirmation it was received Monday….

    This trip is three weeks away—and if I were a booking rep, I’d be in a scramble to get us all booked (and if they’re waiting on talking to our admins when school gets back..) ugh.

  • @Angela were you flying out on the 4th or do you fly out the 3rd and start the trip on the 4th? Thanks for all of the helpful information!

  • Received my confirmation email today, so those of you who were potential winners who filled out your forms, start checking your emails. They will also give you a breakdown of the schedule each day when you confirm you still want to go. Take a picture of it before you start filling out the paperwork because I couldn’t go back to it when I filled out my information. It is pretty simple, but as someone already mentioned, we are teachers and have to know what the plan is.
    Make sure you have a good professional headshot saved digitally so that they can use it for promotional stuff. I don’t like pictures of myself, so that was a fun adventure to find one. You will also need to make sure your Disney account is active, so make sure you check on that before you fill out the travel details. Just read the questions and information carefully, especially for the airport you need to use to leave. My home airport was not listed on the dropdown menu, but when I scrolled down further it gave the option for other, and I just entered the airport code for the closest airport to my house.
    Hope this helps some of you. See the rest of you amazing teachers in Anaheim.

  • I was curious if you could tell us how many teachers applied to this contest?

  • @Madeline – that’s great news! Carly has been amazing at responding to questions. Hopefully we will all have everything situated in the next few days!

  • Hi everyone! So I reached out to the email provided in the notification that I was a potential winner, and I asked if my background check had been cleared. Carly, who has been so nice and helpful, let me know that I am now an official winner, and I will be hearing from Disney to set up my travel plans and accommodations in a few days. If you’re wanting that confirmation like I was, I would recommend reaching out and asking! Hope this helps ☺️

  • @tina maybe a Facebook group?

  • Ok, it looks like you’re not allowed to share emails on here and they were delayed. Maybe since it’s connected to your username? If anyone knows of a way to share the winner list, let me know:)

  • @Tina I’d like the list of winners! Congrats all!!

  • Hi, All!
    I requested the list of winners. If you want a picture of it, please comment with your email and I will email it to you if/when I receive it!

    @Camille- I got your email!

    Michele- I am worried about the same thing!

  • Happy Wednesday! Like many of you, I’m concerned about the email going to spam or being blocked. Does anyone know if Disney will reach out to you via phone in case the email doesn’t go thru? Would hate for anyone to miss out on this amazing opportunity bc of a blocked email – still hoping!!!

  • Happy Wednesday! Wondering if anyone was contacted in a way other than email? I’m super concerned that a potential email was blocked or sent to spam before even having a chance to read it. And if so will a phone call be made? May I ask if I was on a potential winner list?

  • Did anybody write and ask about the winners?

  • Hello,
    I saw that another teacher posted about being on spring break this week as well. I was wondering if anyone from Disney could chime in about that as I’m sure that those of us anxiously awaiting to be declared official, are worried about factors that we have no control of such as our school buildings not being open this week.
    Thanks so much!

  • I got an email yesterday as a winner. I filled out the paperwork today. Has anybody actually got a confirmation on booking their trip?

  • I don’t know about you all as teachers, but I know they’re getting ready to start checking our schools to make sure we do work there lol. However, for me, my entire school system is on spring break until next week after Easter – so what should I do since no one‘s going be there to answer the phones?

  • Hahah I, too, emailed and received a very kind response. You can tell we are all teachers and used to making our own plans 🙂 So excited! Can’t wait to meet you all in a month!!

  • Yes, I submitted my paperwork and I am still waiting, but I know that the travel company is having to do all the background checks on the potential winners before they can make it official, so I am just being patient. I did email that link they sent in the Potential Winner Email and received a response back. The lady was very nice and explained why it was taking a while to get back to emails. They are just being bombarded with a lot of questions right now, and hopefully, we all get our confirmations soon. Fingers crossed, and I hope to meet all of you “potential” winners soon.

  • I submitted my paperwork on Wednesday of last week and have also not heard anything. I did reach out through the email provided to ensure my stuff was received and they did contact me and said that they had everything. I am just anxious that I haven’t heard anything else. I will also post when I hear anything else. Congrats to all of the winners 🙂

  • Madeline and Andrew – I, too, am still waiting. I received my email Tuesday and filled out the paperwork Wednesday. I have been compulsively checking my email and answering every phone call since then. Haha nothing yet. Hoping today since I leave for a spring break trip tonight.

    Stephanie – my email came from Ebbo Fulfillment and the subject line was “Disney Imagination Campus Teachers Celebration”

  • Hi Andrew, I saw your comment below. I also submitted my paperwork on Tuesday but have not heard anything yet. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday! I’ll post when I hear from them 🙂

  • Hi! Does anyone know if the email sent out to winners would actually be sent from Disney Imagination Campus? In my junk email folder, I found an email from just a random person with no subject, but there was a link that had the words DisneyGiveaway at the end. I did not click on it since it did not look like anything legit or official, but hoping to see someone post a list of the winners! It is too late to write in to request one.

    Congratulations to all those who won this amazing opportunity! ❤️🤩

  • Has any of you who have been selected as a winner been contacted to book the trip yet? I submitted the paperwork last Tuesday and haven’t heard anything.

  • Good morning!
    I feel like I have been checking my email 2x per day (haha) for the past month eagerly awaiting an email from Disney’s Imagination Campus. I am truly so sad to have not received an email (…yet?!). My fingers are still crossed. This would be such an amazing experience and opportunity, especially as someone who just received their Masters in “Integrating the Arts into Teaching”. This is my DREAM! 🙂
    Congratulations to all of the amazing teachers that have been notified and are going to Disney in May. I hope you have an incredible trip & I really hope that I get to join you there… (:
    -Kelsey K.

  • Still hoping that maybe they are still contacting winners…
    I worked so hard on that essay and even had to cut a decent amount out for the word count lol.
    This first year teacher could really use some pixie dust and making dreams come true.

  • Hi Beth!
    Is there a list we could check or could you confirm privately if anyone has or hasn’t been selected. I fear mails might have gone to spam or fallen through the cracks.
    Thanks and congrats to everyone selected!

  • Congratulations to all the teachers that won! Was the email from “Disney”?

  • I was also selected as a potential winner! ☺️ I submitted the paperwork and I’m waiting for confirmation.

  • I got my confirmation email Tuesday evening and filled out the paperwork as well. Just waiting for the response. Beth, I emailed with some questions using the email listed in the confirmation notice and haven’t heard back yet. Can you please let me know if anyone is monitoring that email address? I would appreciate it. Looks like you are doing a pretty good job of keeping up with questions on here.

  • Bummer. I was really hoping to be chosen. I thought I wrote a killer essay. Congrats to all of the winners!

  • Any chance emails are still going out? Lol #whenyouwishuponanemail

  • Congratulations to all of you amazing teachers who were selected! 🙂 And for those of us who haven’t received an email…never stop believing! We never know! Sending positive thoughts and hopes for pixie dust still! 🙂

  • Hi Beth Monnig,

    I noticed that you are responding to some comments. Can you verify if all emails have been sent out to potential winners? This will help those of us still waiting to know we were not selected.

    Thank you,
    Sarah Jenkins

  • Beth- were all potential winners contacted already?

  • Did everyone who was selected get their emails on 3/29? #8 in the official rules explains “Potential winners” and that the verification process. I am assuming once you’re verify you become the official winner?

    This morning I mailed a self-addressed, stamped envelope to their PO box to get the winner list. Once I get the list, I am happy to email it to whoever wants it. Comment your email and I will send to you:)

    I didn’t get an email. I am really sad, but I am sure they received a lot of amazing entries.

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