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New Storytelling Experience ‘Disney Story Beyond’ Comes to Tokyo Disney Resort

Charlie Watanabe

by , Story Editor Sr., Walt Disney Imagineering

Many Disney Parks fans love to explore the storyworld of our attractions, and the guests at Tokyo Disney Resort are no exception. As a way to enrich that experience, we are embarking on a new storytelling program at Tokyo Disney Resort, “Disney Story Beyond.” The program will focus on one attraction and area at a time and develop stories that go beyond those guests may be familiar with. While respecting the existing stories, we will add new plot elements and characters for guests to interact with.

The first story we will explore will be that of Haunted Mansion from January 26 through March 31 at Tokyo Disneyland. Guests will be able to enjoy limited-time access to new stories and characters in a variety of ways both inside and outside the attraction, including augmented reality photo opportunities with ghosts, and “nazotoki,” a popular Mystery-Solving program in Japan. Additionally, merchandise themed to Disney Story Beyond – Haunted Mansion will be available.

While an in-park experience will give guests full exposure to all offerings, those who cannot come to the park during this period will have a chance to enjoy the stories and characters virtually. One way to participate is by taking part in a fan art event where aspiring storytellers can submit original fan art depicting the newest Haunted Mansion residents.

Through this exclusive program at Tokyo Disney Resort, we are hoping our guests will enjoy the storytelling magic at our parks more than ever, and as a result, develop a deeper love for our park experience. We are dying to welcome you at Tokyo Disneyland during this very special event.


  • Why is this only available in Japan?

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