3 Changes Walt Disney World is Making to Bring More Value & Flexibility to Your Visits

Avery Maehrer

by , Director, Communications at Walt Disney World Resort

UPDATE: Launch dates are now included below for Annual Passholder and Disney Genie+ service enhancements.

Happy New Year from Walt Disney World Resort! 2022 was a big year for us as we continued our 50th Anniversary celebration with cast, guests and the community, debuted our newest groundbreaking attraction with Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and reopened beloved experiences from “Fantasmic!” to the Walt Disney World Railroad.

2023 brings even more to look forward to – from the triumphant return of the “Happily Ever After” nighttime spectacular to the opening of TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom, and one I personally can’t wait to experience, Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana at EPCOT!

Today, we’re excited to announce a few other updates we’re making to improve the guest experience and to let our fans know we are listening to their feedback, including Annual Passholders, who are some of our most loyal guests:

Enjoy complimentary self-parking when staying at a Disney Resort hotel

Beginning this evening, Jan. 10, overnight self-parking will once again be offered complimentary to guests staying at Disney Resort hotels at Walt Disney World. This is a Disney difference many of you have asked us to bring back, and we’re happy to reintroduce it to make your vacation a little easier and more affordable – whether you’re road tripping across the country, renting a car or vacationing as a local Florida resident. As a reminder, Disney Resort hotel guests also continue to receive complimentary standard parking at Walt Disney World theme parks, daily early theme park entry (with valid admission and a park reservation) and complimentary on-site transportation options such as buses, monorails and Disney Skyliner. 

Walt Disney World Annual Passholders: Park reservation requirements will be relaxed for visits after 2 p.m.*

Beginning April 18, Walt Disney World Annual Passholders will be able to visit the theme parks after 2 p.m. without needing a park reservation, except on Saturdays and Sundays at Magic Kingdom Park. Pass blockout dates will continue to apply like they do today. While the theme park reservation system remains important to manage attendance in our parks, especially on busier days, we realize our Passholders enjoy more spontaneous visits – and this change will make that possible. Starting March 20, Passholders will also receive access to Disney PhotoPass lenses and one complimentary Cinderella Castle Mural of Memories experience (age restrictions apply). Visit Cinderella Castle Mural of Memories and Disney PhotoPass Lenses for details, restrictions and other information.*

We are also excited to provide Passholders with a new offering starting March 20 where you can create and share short Disney-themed video slideshows with favorite photos from your theme park visits.

Attraction photo downloads will be included with Disney Genie+ service

Starting March 20, guests purchasing Disney Genie+ service will also receive digital downloads of their Disney PhotoPass attraction photos, taken in the park on the day of their purchase, at no additional charge. Attraction photos are taken while in the parks at more than a dozen of our most popular attractions including Space Mountain, Slinky Dog Dash, Test Track, Expedition Everest and more. I always love looking back at family photos at our favorite attractions – it’s a perfect way to remember and celebrate your theme park visit together. An exact launch date will be announced at a later time. Disney PhotoPass terms and conditions and expiration policy apply.

All of these updates are specific to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida – be sure to check out this blog post from Disneyland Resort on updates they announced today.

Please know we will keep listening to you and adapting as we focus on making the guest experience even better for more people who visit us here at The Most Magical Place on Earth.

That includes making planning easier for everyone. For example, we recently added the ability to modify Disney Genie+ attraction selections in the My Disney Experience app, began automatically making theme park reservations with the purchase of 1-day, 1-park specific tickets and made our dining reservation policy more flexible if you need to modify or cancel.

As we’ve shared before, we’re also committed to providing a wide range of options to visit, which is why we roll out special offers from time to time for Florida residents and other guests. Visit DisneyWorld.com/Offers for more details, including a few offers we launched to kick off the new year.

Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more updates and be sure to visit planDisney.com for helpful tips and advice on planning your next visit to Walt Disney World. 

We hope these updates make your next visit more convenient and enjoyable, so you can focus on making memories with your family, friends and loved ones. We’re grateful for fans like you and look forward to seeing you real soon!

*All offerings are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Walt Disney World Annual Pass Terms and Conditions apply. 


  • Yes, in agreement with all the other DVC members! Where are our annual passes?!

  • As a Disney Vacation Club Member who paid significant money to buy in and who continues to pay monthly to maintain, I have been disappointed with many of the changes over the past couple of years. I BRAG on WDW. I go on and on to others about how their service is above and beyond and how I would live there if they would let me. I used to come at least twice a year and have almost always had annual passes, as being a DVC member came with a discounted rate. In fact six of us had annual passes and came around 19 or 20 days each year. I’d guess the amount of money made off of our annual passes, our DVC dues and others things we spent money on during our stay made Disney a lot more money than giving the benefit ever cost it. We let our annual passes lapse right before the pandemic. We never dreamed they would take that benefit away. With our annual pass also came our free memory maker with unlimited photo downloads. I now wish we had just continued to pay for them even without being able to use them. I now have to buy park tickets for each day for six people and pay for hopping and genie+ on top of that. I also now don’t have the benefit of the Magical Express. I have to now find a way to the resort from the airport at a cost to me. I understand costs go up. I get it. What I don’t get is the taking of benefits from all those who have been loyal WDW vacation goers. For 16 years, I’ve spent my family vacation there, as have my parents. I’ve always trusted the process when moving from cards to bands and from paper fast passes to fast pass plus. I missed Wishes but knew you would do it even better. I always say not not doing Disney. My reward now is being completely stressed out trying to figure out how to pay for everything I now need additional to make it the experience I used to have, it’s being stressed out about how to get to the resort, being stressed out about how to not have to wait in line for hours with a new system that’s costly with 6 people, being stressed out about dinner reservations and park reservations not matching and park hopping being just right. Disney…as a trauma survivor, Disney is my place of peace and Zen. In fact, during one of the most difficult times of my life, I came there on my first solo trip ever because I felt safe there and at peace there. So truthfully, I will continue to go. I will continue to figure out how to make it happen. You will still get my moments. It might be every two years instead of twice a year but I’ll make it happen because I love it, my parents love it and my kids love it. It’s a tradition for us. And that’s what makes me so sad about it. For many, you’re a tradition that means so much more than a ride and many are being priced out of doing what what they were able to love. Please bring back annual pass for DVC, fast pass, magical express and no park reservations. When life gets us down, nothing can bring some of us up like a quick trip to WDW. Right now, that’s too hard to do to bother with.

  • We bought into DVC last year and chose to buy direct buy vs saving a good bit of money through resale. We’ve also cruised 4 times in the last 7 years and chose to pay the high price tag of a Disney Cruise vs a less expensive competitor. It’s been beyond disappointing to realize that Disney doesn’t value their loyal members by opening up AP’s to those of us who chose to buy our DVC points directly through Disney and pay top dollar in doing so.

  • Our family of 6 visited January 13 – 17th. We haven’t been to WDW since 1989 so we were expecting changes. Thankfully our daughter in law researched everything and she was able to get us around the parks and in rides, especially after purchasing Genie+ for all of us everyday. Two downsides…we waited almost an hour at Port Orleans-Riverside for a bus to Magic Kingdom. The estimated arrival times would change and we watched that happen 3 times. After 2 phone calls, both times we were told just to wait and call back in an hour if the bus did not come. Finally another more experienced guest arrived and after telling our story, she suggested we catch the next bus to Epcot and transfer to the monorail to get to Magic Kingdom. We don’t know if the bus ever showed up! Also, the temp dropped and it was a couple of cold days. We were in a shop purchasing warm clothing. A coat was marked $125 (expensive for what it was). We looked around a little more and went back to get that coat. The price tag had been removed and was being replaced by an employee. He stated the prices were going UP! But, since we knew the original price we were allowed to purchase for that amount. Talk about PRICE GOUGING…so check the weather before you go, because WDW will sure take advantage of any situation. I was VERY DISSAPOINTED and upset that we and others were being taken advantage of. Other than those two things, we made special memories with our family.

  • Bring back Disney Fast pass!! Shouldn’t need to pay extra for it!!

  • Please bring back Disney fast pass, it worked so much better than paying for the genie to access a lightning lane! Tickets are so expensive they should include fast pass. Too much like univeral paying for express lanes, it’s ridiculous when tickets have already been purchased.

  • Gosh. So disappointing reading the entitled comments on this blog. As a BORN AND BRED FLORIDIAN who has visited Disney since the day it was opened I am disgusted. If you don’t like the reservations stay home. Please. Why all the complaints? This is the happiest place on earth and all I’m reading are comments from whiny tourist. Please don’t bring that negativity to our parks.

  • We started going to WDW in 1991 when my son was 5 years old. When he graduated from high school we told him we would take him anywhere he wanted and he chose WDW!!! That shows you how much he and us loved this place. My husband and I are thinking about making reservations this year in August or September. Reading all the negative comments concerning WDW today, I am rethinking this vacation. I do not understand making reservations to go to a park?? What possessed the management to do this. Do take away the 2pm park hopping restrictions for guest, especially if they’re staying on Disney’s properties. I also hope to see park reservations eliminated, Park reservations & park hopping limitations take away the spontaneous, impulsive part of being on vacation, which takes away some of the fun too!! I also would like to see the return of the dining plans & normal fast passes. Please listen to your fans of WDW!!!
    Marie – NY

  • We are DVC Members since 2001. We last visited the Parks January 2022. We were shocked to see how much had changed since the Pandemic.
    When we learned that you had to make a reservation to enter a Park and could not visit another Park until after 2PM, we thought it was to keep the crowds down in size. What a joke ! The crowds were as large as before the Pandemic. I have yet to see a reason for the continuing reservation system.
    Vacations are meant to be relaxing. No fun to have to plan a reserve every minute of every day. And after paying over $100.00 to get into a Park, now we’re charged more to get into a ride and not wait in line. Please bring back Free FP and stop the park reservations, it was much better when you could just wake up and decide ‘which park are we going to today

    Disney World has never been cheap, but since the Pandemic the cost have gone through the roof!
    I don’t know how a family with several children can even begin to afford a vacation there. Visit any of the restaurants on Property and check their prices. For what it costs for one dinner at many places I can eat for 3 meals for several days.

    Least I forget the “Cast Members”. They use to be very friendly and helpful. Never ended an interaction with any guests without saying “Have a Magical Day!” ( and meaning it!). Now so many are rude and act like anything they do for a guest is a hardship.

    Walt would not have stood for the changes that have been made. He wanted his parks to be a place of family fun and relaxation.

    Going back in 8 days, but don’t expect any progress to having a relaxing vacation. So Sad.

  • When attending college back in 1992 I remember Walt Disney being cited in my textbook as one of the great business models. I recall learning one of the plausible reasons for Mr. Disney’s great success; never give patrons a reason to be disappointed!

    I remember our first visit to the park in 1998. There were no roadblocks! The ease of getting around was superb. Even upon entering the park, you find a parking spot, catch a shuttle to the entrance and ta-da you were poised for a fabulous day! There was nothing to hinder us once we had our park pass in hand – there was no digging into our pockets (with the exception of food and souvenirs, of course) from having a completely magical time. Sadly, I’m told this is no longer the case. An attendant even told me, “Yeah, it’s become a money grab” Poor Walt!

    It’s been several years since we have revisited WDW and from what I have since learned (after buying our passes) even before entering the park has already generated a feeling of disappointment. Poor Walt!

    I have spent hours upon hours struggling with all the tech requirements (creating accounts, downloading apps, making reservations (mostly unsuccessfully because everything popular is unavailable) ultimately, a feeling of frustration has overwhelmed me. Poor Walt!

    I understand there are more people in this world that need to be accommodated. I’m also sensitive as to what has been endured because of the pandemic. I just wonder how “poor Walt” would have handled these challenges. I’m certain he wouldn’t have his patrons digging in their pockets at every turn, nor would he condone his patrons being frustrated. Would he have chosen to limit the number of passes sold? I do think it’s possible. Certainly, his mission would not be to “money grab”. =(

  • Please bring back annual passes!

  • Like others, I’d rather see the park reservation system go away completely. In the short term however, I would like it if park hopping wasn’t restricted to “After 2 pm”. I prefer to visit early in the morning, as close to rope drop as I can, so waiting until 2pm means being there for 5-6 hours before I can go to another park. If I’m done in one park before Noon, I’m not going to sit there for two hours waiting to go to another park. I’ll just go home and have lunch, and maybe come back in the evening, or not at all that day. If I could immediately go to another park, I would stay and have lunch, then continue on. At the very least, you’re losing out on dozens of meal purchases by me every year, and that’s just one person. I doubt that I’m the only one.

  • Nice to see some moderate reforms. Please abolish the park reservation system.

  • Good to hear of the positive changes. We are hoping for the return of Annual Passes so we can return to WDW.

  • Please bring back Free FP and stop the park reservations, it was much better when you could just wake up and decide ‘which park are we going to today. As we will be travelling from the UK next Easter we will have to book park reservations 12 months in advance, who knows what the want to do on a specific day in 12mths time, it’s already cost us 3,000 pounds just for park tickets hence we have to book as soon as park reservations are available.

  • Bring back free FP+ and the free Dining Plan and we might consider going back.

  • I would love it if I could buy an annual pass. We moved to Florida hoping to get AP’s but they have not been available. We’ve been to the parks twice in the last year, we certainly would go more often if we had passes, just for a few hours in the evening for a meal or to watch fireworks, or shop, (I’m a pin collector, I have thousands dating back to 1979.)
    Even with the resident discount individual tickets are too expensive for us to visit as often as we would like.
    Yeah, the Pixie Pass is available, but it’s too restrictive, we need weekend availability because, well, job.
    Please bring back annual passes soon.

  • We are DVC Members from the UK, (since 2008) & are looking at visiting the Parks for the first time since the Pandemic.
    When taking a vacation to Disneyworld from the UK the last thing we want to do is be regimented in where we are going each day & having to book to enter a Park. In fact when you go on Vacation you want to be spontaneous, not plan each day before you leave.
    The cost of a length of stay pass for the three of us is going to be over £1,600 & then being told that even after paying this huge amount, we cannot be guaranteed entry to a park is ridiculous. On top of that we are being told we will have to pay to book a fastpass, (or Genie, whatever its called) for a ride. What next, a charge for air?
    People want to visit a pass when they want, not book a reservation. The fastness system worked well, charging for a ride is not on.
    Come on Disney you can do better than this.

  • I was truly disappointed in the limited child care service stations. With only one child care station located at the very front of each different park and the limited space. My family and I visited back in October and decided to come back in January.

    My 3 year old needed time to digress with limited stimuli so I went to the child care station. I sat and held him in what appeared to be a closet with a wooden rocking chair. The community area had a sink with a tv and a hard loveseat. The area on the back had 2 changing stations and a sink. The area was located near customer relations where there were people whom were extremely loud.

    Changing stations are typically located where the restrooms are; let’s be honest here.. if your child soiled themselves would you walk all the way to the front of the park? We had a great time and children get tired; it is supposed to be a fun family experience. My 6 year old daughter and my 9 year old niece needed time to relax a bit from the sensory overload, which is to be expected (long lines, waiting) but, there is no place for the kids to be able to run off steam or relax to recharge their batteries.

    Needless to say my family of 7 went back to the Disney Resorts villa early each day and enjoyed time at the pool. But please do something to make the child care options better. Perhaps a building where little ones can run around and be kids, even a park. A place where toddlers can rest. Perhaps a library filled with Disney books for purchase etc, could even do character signings. A cafe that has kid friendly options: fruit, goldfish, pbj’s, milk, iced coffee for the parents. I have plenty more ideas to make it enjoyable to the parents, easy for the kids, and marketable for the business. At one point my 6 year old was playing in the dumbo ride while my 3 year old slept in my lap, please do something to make it better! Thank you!

  • My family and I were just there this past week of Xmas and NY as we have done since we have been DVC members since 2005. LOVE Disney but I must say I feel like they are just charging for everything they can for all the visitors. It is expensive enough just to go and love that they cancelled the costs of parking if staying on property. Why not go back to the cost-free FAST PASS and the complimentary Magical Express. Wasn’t impressed with the shuttle to and from the airport. They arrive early and leave without passengers since they tell you to arrive 20 mins before your shuttle time. Don’t leave early if you have a time to pick up!!!!! Come on Disney, you make plenty give some of us a little break. Also, some of the staff needs to re-trained in manners.

  • My family attended Disney World in December. The staff at the park were extremely rude to my family and ruined our day at the park. This was not just one staff member, it was multiple ones. I was very discouraged after we left the park. After paying over $1,000 for what was supposed to be a day at the “happiest place on earth” I was far from happy. I first thought that it was because of our economy and finding workers I know is hard. We attended Universal Studios the next day and all of those workers were great – so Disney can not use that excuse. I contacted their customer service and so did my husband. Neither of us has heard back from them. Shame on you Disney. If you continue to treat your customers this way, you will continue to lose customers. I know I am not in a hurry to go back to Disney anytime soon!

  • I am excited to get back to my Disney trips but currently the entire process seems very stressful and very planned. My job is all about organizing and making reservations and following strict schedules. I do not want to pay thousands of dollars to have to follow all these weird rules. So we will wait until you just let us visit the parks. Plus they are correct about the Disney Express Bus that has a very big impact on the beginning and end of a Disney Magical experience. It appears that many families have been priced out by some of these changes and I hope that one day, Disney will want to see everyone have the option to visit their parks. I know my kids now adults loved their time at Disney!! I will keep checking back to see when visiting is less stressful, less confusing and less structured. Thanks for being awesome and working to make things better!!

  • Thank you for the changes. Please allow annual pass sales for DVC members. We are visiting in January and for the first time will not be visiting the parks. We plan to come again in June with our extended family and it’s too expensive to buy regular tickets for both.

  • Thank you for the changes. Please allow annual pass sales for DVC members. We are visiting in January and for the first time will not be visiting the parks. We plan to come again in June with our extended family and it’s too expensive to buy regular tickets for both visits.

  • I have been long time Disney Parks fan (more than 50 years) and have gone to Disney Parks countless times. I am booked again Sept. 2023 with a family of 4 adults staying a full week at a Disney Resort (again) and can say that some of the more recent changes. in the past few years, has taken some of the magic away. The Genie+ feature is a very negative direction to take and fixes something that was not broken. Fastpass was an excellent feature and needs to be reinstated. Mr. Iger, you can’t monitize everything. Free parking is a nice feature for those who drive to Disney, however, I’m flying from Canada. Secondly, Park reservations are simply taking away from the Disney experience that made Disney so amazing. Park Hopper service should remain just that…. Freedom to enjoy the parks when and where I want to be. Otherwise, stop charging extra for this feature. Regards

  • That’s all nice, but as a longtime DVC owner who purchased in 2009 with the explicit understanding that discounted annual passes would be available to make affordable frequent visits to make full use of our points possible, WHY will you still not sell me a DVC AP? We are on the verge of selling our contract because it’s becoming clear that you’re now only interested in selling new contracts with fewer benefits (instead of supporting your loyal fan base).

  • As mentioned above let us plan our Genie + itinerary prior to arrival like the fast pass system. That was a perk to staying on property. It was an additional way to be able to enjoy the magic that any planner with small children appreciated. If we have to pay for the service so be it but at least let us plan ahead (like dining reservations) so we can enjoy our time with family rather than constantly trying to get the next pass. Also as mentioned above I miss the magic of being able to hop to another park when we were ready. I’m paying the extra for the option and sometimes would hop to another park for a brunch/lunch or a birthday character breakfast dining reservation but can no longer do that with the wait until 2PM restriction. I am super happy about the free parking but I’m hopeful for a few more tweaks before our birthday trip this year. It’s such a magical place but now it seems to be a micromanaged magical place for those of us who have been coming since we were children and now bringing our children.

  • Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done so far. I would love to see the annual passes go back on sale. Even though I live up in Massachusetts I would love to be able to get an annual pass so that I can come down in a couple of times a year and enjoy the perks of of annual pass Holder. Also when you finally do bring back the annual passes that would be wonderful if non-Florida residence could pay per month with a down payment. I have a trip scheduled for the beginning of May and I would gladly upgrade my tickets to an annual pass if these were to come back on sale.

  • I would love to book a trip, but my husband refuses to book until we no longer need to make reservations to enter a park while staying on property. For what we pay per night at a deluxe club level and even for the value resorts, we shouldn’t have to make reservations. Maybe those can stay in effect for non resort guests. The only people allowed to buy passes are Florida residents. So that wouldn’t help us anyway. And he refuses to book a room to find out we can’t get park reservations. We haven’t seen them line up yet online.

  • I’m so excited Disney is starting to make changes in the right direction. I hope they continue & do away with the 2pm park hopping restrictions for guest, especially if they’re staying on Disney’s properties. I also hope to see park reservations eliminated, Park reservations & park hopping limitations take away the spontaneous, impulsive part of being on vacation, which takes away some of the fun too!! I also would like to see the return of the dining plans & normal fast passes. Finally, the last change is like to see is the return of extra magic hours to all guest staying on Disney properties, not just limited to guests staying in the deluxe resorts. We visited last summer & would love to come this summer, but we’re not coming this year because of all of these things I mentioned. We are very hopeful the old Disney will return & if so, we will visit next summer. We have been to Disney many times, but last years trip wasn’t nearly as much fun because of all these changes. We look forward to the fun in Disney returning in the coming months!!

  • please give the AP pirate holders back the Thanksgiving Holiday.
    with the new Pirate Pass we were giving more dates in the HOT summer month and taken away the Thanksgiving Holiday. our kids grew up spending the Thanksgiving holiday and just not the same anymore.

  • While this is great news, I hope that the free parking does not cost us higher hotel rates nor increased prices all throughout the parks. It would also be nice to see Magical Express return to WDW.

  • Does this change about the 2pm admit to any park mean that everyone that is an AP can now park hop? Wasn’t there an extra charge to be able to park hop, so if you paid that you were able to go to another park starting at 2pm anyway?

  • Super simple, allow us to plan our day ahead of time like we use to. I am with my family, I don’t want to be on my phone all day racing for lightning passes. If you want to charge, fine, but let me enjoy the time with my family. I don’t get how Disney does not get that simple thing.

  • What I would like to see more than anything is getting rid of Genie+ and going back to FREE fast passes! To me, that’s what set Disney apart from all other amusement parks. LA

    Now, may I interest you in bringing back Complementary Magical Express? 😁

  • That is a great start for us resort guests, but what about the people who don’t drive? Could you please bring back the Magical Express! It’s not even about the money, it’s about the whole Magical experience! Do you even realize what a difference that makes in a Disney vacation. It is huge.

  • I was there last March with my husband and grandson. It seemed like a lot of work and cost to be a part of the parks. A lot of the small things that made us feel special has gone away, many voiced above. My husband has stated that it just doesn’t feel special anymore and thinks we should sell our DVC contracts. I hope all our voices are heard.

  • While we don’t drive, this is definitely some good news for those that do and I hope to see continued improvements. What I would like to see more than anything is getting rid of Genie+ and going back to FREE fast passes! To me, that’s what set Disney apart from all other amusement parks.

  • Thank you you are making progress , but I do love the answer above that states perceived value for money
    Free parking will be dealt with by increasing room rates
    The biggest thing will be annual passes for out of state visitors
    Also looking at DAS pass as it does not work the way it was intended , it is being abused every single day as USA cannot ask for proof of disability
    The disabled community end up waiting extra time on each ride , the normal wait time in the queue then the additional 10-20 minutes in the lightening lane queue , at one point we waited 25 minutes more than a person who joined the standby queue at the same time !!!
    Please fix it so that wait times are identical

  • As a DVC member, we have been anxiously waiting to renew our Annual Passes. During the pandemic understandably they were halted. Upon their return I was getting ready to renew and within a short period I was not even allowed to renew, as so many of us. I’m looking forward to the return of AP for DVC. It made it affordable for us to visit with our DVC 2-3 times a year with APs. We have not been in awhile because it’s not affordable to go more than one a year or two as so many have already voiced. I am hopeful with the return for Annual Passes for DVC members,
    We are hanging in there with high hopes
    Mouse Fans

  • Bring back Disney Dining like you said you would a year ago. Almost all of the restaurants are opened now so what is the delay? It makes it nearly impossible to budget between not having that option AND Genie+ fluctuating from day to day. At this point, we are more than likely going to have to cancel our trip in April and do a cruise instead, which we had to do last year because of the changes. It’s become increasingly unaffordable!

  • Bring back ALL the Trams.
    Give back the perceived value for our money.
    Stop building generic hotel, coffee shops.
    Please bring back the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.

  • Bring back ALL the Trams.
    Give back the perceived value for our money.
    Stop building generic hotel, coffee shops.
    Please bring back the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show when the new Polynesian DVC is built.

  • I want to echo the sentiment of other DVC members commenting on the post and say please bring back AP pass sales.

  • Good progress but many of your diehard, consistent fans and DVC members have been waiting for annual pass sales to resume for a very long time causing a hesitation in booking trips or when we are booking trips many members are going to other parks and experiences to lessen the cost for themselves and their families. Bring back annual passes in some capacity for non-Florida residents soon.

  • Need to revisit DVC members ability to purchase annual passes again. We used to visit 2-3 times a year but during Covid we could not justify renewing AP when no one knew what was happening in the world. We would love to repurchase AP so we could again return more than once a year because daily park tickets are too costly. Thank you.

  • This is good news for a lot of families. As DVC members, we haven’t paid for parking for a while, but I see the value for others.
    What would be really nice is allowing DVC members buy annual passes again. Even not discounted. We go several times/ year but have not been going to the parks because we no longer have APs.

  • This is great news. Thank you. My family would come more often if the annual passes for out of state guests returned and if South Carolina was included when you offer deals for southern states. Ive noticed Georgia is often included but not SC. Thanks.

  • This is fabulous news, to make it even better, please start selling annual passes again, we miss them and would love to visit more often

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