New Parking Lot Names Debut at EPCOT as Part of Ongoing Transformation

Chelsea Eagle

by , Senior Manager, Communications, Walt Disney World Resort

You may think the ideal Disney Day with beloved stories and favorite characters begins the moment you set foot into one of our theme parks, but have you ever thought that the journey actually starts even earlier? 

The transformation taking place at EPCOT right now is expanding beyond the theme park – from the moment you arrive, you will be greeted with a redesigned auto plaza marquee coming later this month. And starting today, new character-themed parking lots will introduce you to some of the heroes and sidekicks who represent the concepts that live in EPCOT.

New EPCOT parking lot signs

The entire lot has now been divided into two themes: the “Earth” side and the “Space” side. Within these two sides, we have chosen to feature a variety of familiar characters: Crush, Dory, HeiHei, Moana, Rocket, Gamora, WALL-E, and Eve!

New EPCOT parking lot sign

These changes are part of our ongoing transformation of EPCOT and reflect the identity of the park and its four neighborhoods, celebrating the magic of possibility and stories inspired by our real world made fantastic.

EPCOT has long celebrated art, murals, and mosaics, and these character graphics greet guests of all ages to the park in creative and memorable ways. Savvy EPCOT fans may recognize the unique and beautiful designs—the art style used in these character graphics is the same as the EPCOT posters illustrating past, present, and future attractions. 

New EPCOT parking lot sign

In addition to the fun enhancements being made to the parking lot and signs, guests also have the new car locator feature in the My Disney Experience app to make it easier than ever to keep track of where they parked.

From intimate design details to new attractions and spaces for guests to enjoy, 2023 is shaping up to be a year to remember at EPCOT! Stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for more on the continued transformation as we embrace the magic of possibilities.


  • Love to see Wall-e and Eve.

  • The names don’t matter, we want trams please and thank you!

  • Amaze, create, discover, explore, imagine and Winder… those are the names forever and always

  • Nope.! Amaze, create, discover, explore, imagine and Wonder… those are the names forever and always

  • Still no word on parking lot trams? Got it.

  • Remember when you promised that parking lot tram service would return to all four theme parks by the end of 2022? That was fun.

  • Where’s Figment??