Runners Ready, Set, GO! Dates for 2023-2024 runDisney Race Season are Here!

Sarah Harris

by , Disney Sports Social Community Manager

Mark your calendars as today we are excited to share event and registration dates for the 2023-2024 runDisney race season, including information on the much-anticipated return of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend in January 2024! From exciting races through Disney parks to virtual events you can run almost anywhere, a runDisney race is anything but ordinary. As we look towards the new year, runners can gear up for even more miles and magic to come during next race season – take a look below at the dates and download the calendar here.

RunDisney 2023-2024 event calendar

We’re so excited to bring runDisney races back to the west coast in 2024 and are even more excited for the return of the fan-favorite Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend. Taking place January 11-14, 2024, the weekend will include three endurance events, a challenge and more that are sure to be filled with memorable moments and magical miles running at the Happiest Place on Earth. Stay tuned for more details about the race course, medals and more in the coming months!

runDisney Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

We’re also thrilled that with the return of the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend, runDisney will also be reintroducing the runDisney Coast to Coast Race Challenge in 2024! More information about the Challenge and how to qualify will be available on later this month.

With entertainment, beloved characters, and Disney magic at every mile, runDisney races are memorable experiences for runners of all ages and skill levels. They’re also the only opportunity for runners and Disney fans alike to run unique courses through Disney parks.

runDisney virtual events are also a great way to have fun! Whether you’re looking for some motivation to train for your next runDisney race or get a taste of the magic wherever you run, our virtual race events are perfect for you!

Start marking your calendar and be sure to check back to for all news and updates! Which race weekend are you most excited about? Share with us in social using #runDisney and be sure to follow us:

Events, including activities and routes, are subject to restrictions, and change or cancellation without notice.


  • Will there be a Castle To Chateau challenge in 2024?

  • Is there a 2023 summer virtual RunDisney? The site still shows last years summer virtual run. Just curious, because I can’t make it the park for the RunDisney races, so it’s nice doing them at home.

  • When do you open registration for the princess run 2024. Any suggestions to getting in before they sell out thank you

  • It shouldn’t come down to how much more money someone is willing to pay to run in the Marathon. For Disney to create a running club, for a fee, for early entry into the runs is shameful. Someone who drives a Hyundai should have just as much of a chance of getting in the run as someone driving a Range Rover.

  • Would love to see early registration become a DVC member privilege. We have annual passes taken away, can we get some new benefits for now?

  • Do any of these questions get answered?

  • I am looking at the comments and I totally agree with the ones stating that something has to be done to make the registration process more equitable. I have done races, rides, triathlons for years and have never had trouble getting into any of them. I’ve tried several times to register for a Disney race and have been unable to. Possibly preference to people who’ve never participated before? Also consideration as to the amount of people from certain age groups. A lottery may be the answer. I know you are unable to please all the people, but a new process is definitely needed!

  • What time can you register? Do I need to log in at midnight on March 14th to register for the Wine & Dine Marathon?

  • How about letting some new runners run this race? My daughter and I have been trying to get registered for the half marathon for several years, and have been unable to get registered due to the volume of runners trying to log on. Maybe a lottery system? Or maybe those would’ve run the race previously need to bow out for a year.

  • I see everyone, commenting that that they would like legacy runners to get early registration and passholders gets early registration and everything like that, but speaking as somebody who has been trying to get registered to be able to run this race for several years now, and have been unable to do so I think that it’s kind of unfair that everybody gets to run these races repeatedly and there are those of us that want to run these races and we can never get in.

  • It would be great if Disney provided a separate registration time for AWD participants. Also, it would be very nice if the AWD participants started right after the Disney wheels athletes rather than at the very end of corral B as we had to do in the 2023 Marathon Weekend.

  • I see no mention of start time for registration. What time does registration for the runs open? How early can you join the virtual queue for registration?

  • It would be great if you would give Disneyland passholders early registration for Disneyland races in the future. It would align with passholders getting discounts in their parks. It would be a valuable benefit, that might encourage renewal of the passes.

  • Is there a preregistration or any other offers for disabled Veterans?

  • Is there early registration for the 2024 WDW Marathon for Annual Passholders?

  • Will legacy runners who have run all the previous Disneyland Half Marathons have an priority registration?

  • It would be nice if Annual Passholders got early registration again. Ticketmaster does ten different presales for shows, no reason Disney can’t do the same for clubRunDisney, DVC, Passholders, and Legacy runners.

  • I’m curious if Disneyland will have a 5K during the 1/3 marathon weekend?

  • I recall DVC members do not receive early registration, but now only Club runDisney members. But, when does Club runDisney registration open? Thank you.

  • We need to see Disney Vacation Club (DVC) to be able to register early for all runDisney races. Make this a blue card member advantage. No down side for Disney and no down side for runDisney.

  • I’d also like to know if early registration for DVC Members will be reinstated.

    Hopefully, you will allow more initial registrations as you sold out within an hour. I took the day off work to register and still couldn’t get in.

  • So is the Disneyland Half Marathon the ONLY event taking place at D-Land in 2024? No more Avengers or Star Wars? Not even Tinkerbell?

  • I’d also like to know if there will be early registration for DVC Members.

  • Where do I find the castaway cay challenge?

  • Hoping with the return to California, runDisney will schedule other runnin events throughout the year like before. Wondering what the Coast to Coast requirement will be? The two events are a week apart.

  • I know this question probably won’t get answered, but will there be early registration for DVC members? Thank you.

  • Any news on the Disneyland Paris Run weekend?

  • I’m very excited to have the Disneyland Half Marathon back.

  • Happy to see Disneyland races back, sad it’s just the one, hope there is lots and lots of space since so many people have been waiting for them to come back. Also is Castaway Cay Challenge still happening? And if it is, that means you can’t do both that and the Disneyland 5K?

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