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TRON Lightcycle / Run Opens April 4 at Magic Kingdom Park

Steven Miller

by , Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility, Walt Disney World Resort

Greetings, Programs! I’ve loved “TRON” since first discovering this digital world as a child in the 1980s. Imagine my delight when asked to write about the thrilling new attraction racing into Walt Disney World Resort – TRON Lightcycle / Run presented by Enterprise. If this article was turned into a major motion picture, the opening narration might sound something like this (cue synthesizer):

“TRON Lightcycle / Run. A new attraction. I tried to picture Lightcycles as they moved through the Grid in Tomorrowland. What did they look like? Were they fast? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. Until April 4, 2023 – the day TRON Lightcycle / Run will officially open in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.”

I haven’t felt this excited since I saw a Lightcycle from “TRON: Legacy” on display at the D23 Expo in 2009.

Lightcycle from “TRON: Legacy” on display at D23 Expo 2009 in front of a wall containing concept artwork from the film and the film’s logo.

When “TRON: Legacy” was released in December 2010, I saw it five times in theaters followed by countless viewings at home on Blu-ray and Disney+. I even named my tuxedo cat Kevin Flynn, a nod to the brilliant computer programmer and original designer of the Grid in the film. The Lightcycle battle was one of the film’s most dazzling visual displays – I wanted to ride one! More than a decade later, that dream is coming true with this attraction’s opening at Walt Disney World.

The story of TRON Lightcycle / Run picks up after “TRON: Legacy” where Kevin’s son, Sam Flynn, has opened a second gateway into a digital realm called the Grid. The first of these portals he created is found at Shanghai Disneyland with the original TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

When you enter the queue at Magic Kingdom, you’ll feel as if you’re digitized and transported to the Grid for a special Lightcycle race. It’s your Team Blue against the Grid’s menacing Programs, Team Orange. Your goal is to be the first to race through eight Energy Gates and secure victory. The attraction will be one of the fastest coasters at any Disney theme park in the world.

Before the attraction officially opens, cast members will be the first to enter the Grid during special previews. And I heard preview opportunities are coming for guests too, including Annual Passholders and eligible Disney Vacation Club Members.

All those hours (and quarters) playing the “TRON” arcade game have prepared me for this moment. See you in the Grid. END OF LINE.


  • Apparently there won’t be any pass holder previews. The social media “influencers” are going to ride it ten times a day instead.

  • I rode TRON in Disney Shanghai and am a larger women. The calves were an issue on the cycle, but they did have (one) regular pair of bucket seats in the back.
    Hoping they take American size into consideration in FLORIDA, but we have been losing weight. Not for this ride, but a happier life in general 🙂

  • Is there a passholder preview day??

  • When is the Passholder preview?

  • This will certainly be a very exciting opening! We arrive in May and will be taking the Railroad around the entire park since we missed it so very much during the construction of TRON!
    I am not sure I prepared for the TRON ride, might be a little too thrilling for me, but I will gain my courage as I see the many smiles exiting the ride! Lol I might need a spin on the TTAP first! 😂😎

  • Since my last visit was in 2015, I have so many great things to discover. Pandora, Toy Story Land, Runaway Train, everything new at Epcot, Galaxy’s Edge, and now Tron. That next visit will feel like my first one again!

  • I am coming in March to celebrate my retirement and trying to find out how to get on the DVC list for getting on the ride early.

  • So disappointed. We were hoping for this as part of the 50th Anniversary.
    Heading back in March to celebrate the 50th again before it is over so had really hoped Tron would be open by then.

  • Id like to know if there is a weight restriction. I remember flight of passage with people with big calfs etc Do you know if this ride will have issues

  • What is the anticipated height requirement for the new ride?

  • Both the original TRON and TRON: Legacy have been some of the most impactful films I’ve ever seen (as well as the criminally underrated TRON: Uprising cartoon series), so it is with great enthusiasm that I say this will be the best ride at Magic Kingdom since the park’s opening!

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