‘Magic Happens’ for Disneyland Cast at an Exclusive Parade Preview

Megan Tate

by , Internal Communications Specialist, Disneyland Resort

Just after the clock struck midnight earlier this week, over 4,000 Disneyland Resort cast members lined Main Street, U.S.A., joined by a few crew members, Imagineers and employees, to experience the “Magic Happens” parade at an exclusive #DisneyCastLife preview, in advance of its official Disneyland park return this weekend.

“Magic Happens” debuted in February 2020, and since its brief run, cast and guests alike have been eagerly awaiting the revival of this fancifully whimsical parade. Even on a chilly, breezy night, there was no stopping the energy and excitement emanating from the crowd.

Preview attendees sit on a bench, holding a nametag-shaped photo prop with the word "Cast"

“It feels good to have these kinds of experiences, because we know that all of our hard work is being appreciated,” said Shelley Diaz Gutierrez, Security (pictured above, second from left).

“Honestly, I feel honored to be a part of this because who else gets this kind of opportunity to be here during the [Disney100 Celebration]? It just feels like a moment in history we get to be a part of, which is awesome,” shared Skyler Bimat, Attractions.

Mickey Mouse entertains Cast atop the lead float of the "Magic Happens" parade

It was not lost on cast members just how much work has been poured into the reintroduction of this parade. For some, this cast preview has been a night three years in the making.

Isaac Roman and two Guest Show Operations cast smile on Main Street U.S.A.

“Opening [‘Magic Happens’] in 2020 was really exciting – a new parade brings a lot of emotion,” shared Isaac Roman, Guest Show Operations (pictured above, left), who has been with the resort since 2019. “A lot of our cast members are new … so I expect the same energy and excitement tonight.”

Even after the parade concluded, there was a little extra pixie dust for the cast! The lights on Main Street, U.S.A., dimmed, and Sleeping Beauty Castle illuminated with a special showing of the new Disney100 nighttime spectacular, “Wondrous Journeys” projection show.

“There was a lot of energy going into tonight because we knew cast were going to love it. This was the last parade we opened so this brought back good memories,” shared Paul Katsumura, a Guest Show Operations trainer.

Priscilla Fierro-Martinez and a Guest Show Operations cast member smile on Main Street, U.S.A.

Priscilla Fierro-Martinez, Attractions (pictured above, right), agreed. “The best part of these cast previews is being able to remember why we work here and having that magic come back [to us].”

Stay tuned for more #DisneyCastLife experiences during the Disney100 Celebration at the Disneyland Resort!