Mickey’s Toontown CosTOONs Revealed at Disneyland Resort

Amy Cassidy

by , Internal Communications Specialist

We are just over a month away from the reTOON of Mickey’s Toontown on Mar. 19! Of course, no reimagining would be complete without reimagined CosTOONs. Here to showcase the sensational new look, the cast members of Mickey’s Toontown themselves! 

The new looks feature colors derived from Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Donald and Daisy.

From the beginning stages of design to the final sample, the Costuming Design team prioritized the inclusion of cast members in the development journey, ensuring the new look was as comfortable and functional as it was fashionable. 

“Having cast feedback and input from the beginning was critical and shaped a large part of the development of the costumes,” said Lynn Kaufman, costuming project manager. “It was a really beautiful process; I’m looking forward to seeing how people react (to the costumes).”

Cast Members wearing a variety of their new costume options pose together.
Members of the Costume Design team with cast members who participated in the development journey

The mix-and-match costumes feature breathable fabrics, inclusive sizing and optional accessories that allow cast members to showcase their personalities. “Everyone has different preferences in what they wear and what makes them feel confident,” said Tyler Girdner, an entertainment character host who had the opportunity to be involved in the costume development. “Having different pieces for different body types and different personalities is a really cool step forward.”

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“It’s been so meaningful to include the cast in this process because we are designing for them,” said Yonit Olshan, costume designer. “Everybody has a different opinion and a different need; collecting more voices was really what made this collection the success that it is.”

Stay tuned to the Disney Cast Life Blog for more exciting news from the Disneyland Resort and other cast member stories!


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