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The Walt Disney World Housekeeping Update You’ve Been Waiting For

Ashley Jones

by , Communications Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

It’s no secret that our guests love staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. After a day full of adventures, there’s nothing quite like coming back to your resort room to find that it’s been refreshed and transformed, as if by magic, by the talented housekeeping cast members who bring a little extra enchantment to our rooms and hallways.

We’ve heard from many of you about how much you love and have missed the more regular housekeeping services we offered prior to the pandemic, and I’m excited to share that we’ve been ramping them back up across Walt Disney World Resort hotels! By the end of February, full housekeeping room cleanings will once again be available at all of our Resort hotel rooms, with services provided daily or every other day depending on where you are staying. These full cleanings include everything you’d expect – from replacing towels and amenities to cleaning the bathrooms, making the beds, emptying trash and recycling, tidying the room and vacuuming.

“Cast members always bring an element of magic and fun to the job that they do!” said Matt N., a planDisney panelist who loves staying at our Disney resorts. “From a simple smile when you see them in the hallways, to something special left behind in the room, to a sparkling clean room, Disney housekeepers always go above and beyond.”

Guests may also sometimes come across some extra magical touches — like coming back to your room to find your new Mickey ear hat on display or your Disney plushes posing playfully — that make your room feel that much more like home away from home.

“They go out of their way to make us smile when we return to our room after a busy theme park day,” said Amy A., a planDisney panelist. “Setting up my son’s stuffed animal with funny sunglasses, tidying up my hair appliance cords, or creating a hidden Mickey in a supply restock — they connect with us and show they care for us, even when we don’t see them.”

And speaking of rooms, you might notice details from newly refurbished rooms at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn (as seen below), which will start debuting to guests over the coming weeks. My personal favorite is the themed artwork featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other favorite Disney characters strolling through iconic locations at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort!

I know many of us are sharing in the excitement of this much-anticipated update, and it’s all possible thanks to the cast members who make it happen behind the scenes.

“I love making those special little touches — that’s what it’s about,” said Duckky, a housekeeping cast member at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. “If I can make somebody smile every day just by walking past and saying ‘have a magical day,’ that warms my heart. Everything I do here warms my heart.”

Walt Disney World Housekeeping Cast Member

Like Duckky, our hearts are warmed knowing how much you all love our housekeepers and the magic they make! We hope this makes your next Walt Disney World Resort hotel stay that much more special. You may have also recently seen that we reintroduced complimentary overnight self-parking at Walt Disney World Resort hotels – it’s been wonderful to see how excited our guests have been for this update. Be sure to read up on this and other announcements coming soon to improve the guest experience.

As always, stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for the latest updates and visit for even more helpful tips and advice on planning your next visit to Walt Disney World.

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  • How Disney can continue a program like Genie is beyond belief. Paying extra to go on ride faster is a poor idea. Even loyal park-goers are offended by this rip off.

  • It’s nice that some perks are coming back, how about having you packages delivered to your resort, and the dining plan. The prices keep going up and the perks keep going away, like the Magic Express and Magic Bands.

  • Finally! But daily service should apply to all rooms. Pre-planning ability ( fast pass vs genie +) , doesn’t matter what you call it or how you charge for it, the ability to plan in advance and have a family truly have a vacation from devices(phones) is the most important part of true family time.
    Magical Express, charge a bit somehow if you have to, but also allows a family to get off the plane and really enter the Disney Magic. I miss all the magic but have hopes Disney can find a way to get it back.

  • I’m just curious to know if you’ve had one single comment in favor of the switch from Fast Pass+ to the debacle that is Genie+? Anybody that has used both couldn’t possibly find the benefit of the new system. Magical Express is always full of guests when we are there. How could the financial benefit (assuming that’s why you didn’t bring it back immediately when it was safe to do so) be worth all the negative comments and reviews from paying guests.
    Housekeeping should be daily. Period. The stays at your hotels cost WAY too much to not be provided those services daily. This is a victory lap you shouldn’t have had to take in the first place and you’ve managed to screw that up too by putting in that some hotels will be every other day but not elaborating on where and why. I always told people that “it’s very expensive but you get what you pay for. I never leave thinking otherwise.” Not anymore. Thank god Iger is back in charge but the “magic” of Disney for vacation club members like myself, and all guests, got trampled on so greatly that recovery is gonna take drastic measures. I hope you pull it off because it used to be the most magical place on earth for kids and adults.

  • I appreciate the changes that are taking place due to listening to us guests, but I do miss Walt Disney World prior to the pandemic. I hope additional changes are coming to make it feel more familiar. I agree with the previous post regarding the total price to pay with here and there add on charges, it’s very intimidating and overwhelming that these charges are the new normal. The addition of Genie plus replacing Fast Pass had to be one of the worst changes. Being an out of state family from the Midwest, we longer get to plan out our day and watch it play out when we arrive, now we have to feel flustered as one person wakes up early and stresses to make magic happen for their family. Another big take away was magical express, again another disadvantage to the out of state family.

  • The prices of your rooms, tickets, meals, etc. and the extras that you now charge like the Genie+ (that should have never replaced the old fast passes which were much more efficient for someone who wanted to plan a trip before arriving at DisneyWorld) have gone up the same way for the clients of ALL your hotels. I find it most offensive to guests who do not stay in your most expensive hotels that they will not receive the same services like you used to supply to ALL your guests before the pandemic as you seem to write in your article (re : “with services provided daily or every other day depending on where you are staying”). Do you think that people staying in your less expensive hotels do not need that their trash bins be emptied daily? I stayed in one of your value hotels during the last Christmas Holidays and what you call “every other day” did not happen very often during our 2 weeks stay. We had to stop maids passing near our room to get garbage bags to put our trash in when we had too much that had not been collected in our rooms and had to ask for additional toilet paper rolls or fresh towels. I sure hope that “every other day” will not be how you continue to treat your clients who want to arrive in a clean room every day, whichever Disney Resort hotel they stay in. Your employees that entered our rooms daily for a “security check” were able to see when our garbage bins were full but they did nothing in that regard. Hope that wherever your clients stay they will receive a daily cleaning of theirs rooms and not “every other day” for some of them.

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