Disney Crew Celebrates Ramadan at Sea

Yousef Kareem

by , Communications Manager, Disney Signature Experiences

Ramadan Mubarak! رمضان مبارك This means “Happy Ramadan” which is a traditional greeting for Muslims who celebrate the holiday. Ramadan is the most cherished time of the year for Muslims around the world. It is a time for reflection, community, service, charity and celebration.

Burak and Munir doing dua onboard the Disney Wish

Starting today, observant Muslims will fast from all forms of food and drink from sunrise until sunset for 29 or 30 days (based on the lunar calendar). In addition to fasting from these basic needs, Muslims do their best to avoid bad habits and encourage positive behavior.

Munir and Burak are both Muslim crew members who work together in the dining rooms onboard the Disney Wish.

Munir is a head server and Burak is a dining room manager

When reflecting on what Ramadan means to him, Munir shared, “I couldn’t be more proud of working for Disney especially in this season of Ramadan.”

Burak added, “When it comes to my religion, people are respecting it. I think this is one of the values of Disney, we are respecting each other.”

In celebration of the beginning of Ramadan, hear from Munir and Burak as they tell their unique story of observing the holiday on the high seas.


  • It’s important to respect each other.

    As a former Disneyland cast member, I had a Muslim guest ask the direction of Mecca because it was time for his prayer. It wasn’t long after 9/11 and I feared for their safety. So I went backstage (the Storybook Land break area) and asked other cast members there whether they were okay with me bringing him backstage to pray. They agreed. So we were able to provide the person with a safe place to do that. I just stood back respectfully and once he rolled up his prayer rug, I escorted him back onstage.

    Bringing guests backstage is not ideal, but at that time, under those circumstances, it was the best thing to do to allow him to practice his religion.

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