International Women’s Day Celebration at Disneyland Paris

Kaitlyn Woollen

by , Communications Manager

Once a cast member, always a cast member, is the theme of a day full of exceptional encounters offered to Disneyland Paris cast for International Women’s Day 2023. Throughout the day on March 14, former cast members with extraordinary careers welcomed our current cast members for a variety of conferences and meetings that were both enriching and inspiring to attendees. Held at the Disney Newport Bay Club Convention Center, the event featured virtual reality role-playing activities, encounters with Wakanda characters, and self-defense training. 

“Being able to meet these women with exemplary careers is impressive. I realize how much influence being a cast member can have on our career path and lives,” said Caroline, secretary for the experience engineering & enablement team. “My friends can’t believe that Disneyland Paris organizes such events for cast members and that we are encouraged to participate!”

Among the guests was astrophysicist Fatoumata Kébé, named in 2018 by Vanity Fair Magazine as one of the most influential women in the world. She shared her view of the world and her experience as an accomplished scientist. A journey that was marked by her time at Disneyland Paris where she was a cast member during her studies. 

Several cast members were in awe over Fatoumata’s story and her career journey. Marion, project leader construction said, “Fatoumata Kébé is impressive, brilliant, humble and very human… Thinking that she was one of our colleagues shows me that anything is possible when you have the chance to be a cast member.” 

Shared sentiments flowed through the room. “Setting a goal and working towards it without worrying about what the world might think about who we are or where we come from is a beautiful message,” shared Emilie, project assistant real estate.  

“This meeting makes me want to create opportunities for myself without worrying about what others may think,” said Maxime, project assistant real estate. 

Members of the Women@Disneyland Paris network were also present. This Business Employee Resource Group (BERG) is dedicated to women and their allies. Their objective is to make Disneyland Paris a leader in women’s empowerment, as they support and champion gender equality all year long. 

“Events like this open us up to the world and show how our experience at Disney can shine through in our personal and professional lives and help change things,” shared Maud, project coordinator at Disneyland Paris event group, and Amandine, manager sales strategy.

This kind of event illustrates the importance of the Inclusion key at the heart of the company’s actions and the influence of these values in the lives of cast members. We can’t wait to share even more powerful stories on the women who work at Disneyland Paris. For more Cast Life stories, be sure to check back on the Disney Parks Blog and follow our Disneyland Paris Ambassadors on Instagram