Behind the Nametag: From Boy Bands to Minnie Vans, Tech Manager’s Self-Taught Skills Lead to Disney

Monica Dudley

by , Business Analyst, Technology & Digital

Jen Estremos

by , Sr. Business Analyst, Technology & Digital

When Technology Manager Sanam Kotwani was just 13 years old, she learned to code and created a Backstreet Boys fan website to provide a platform for fans to come together and share their love for the band’s music. As the proud owner of the website, Sanam connected fans from around the world and fostered a community around their shared passion. Her website even gained recognition and was featured in the official “Fans of the Millennium” book published in 2001. 

Sanam grew up in Spain and moved to the United States when she was seven years old. It was here that she learned to speak English and code for the very first time. An interest in technology was with her from that young age and continued as she studied at the University of Central Florida. She patiently waited for her chance to work for Disney and dove in headfirst when the opportunity presented itself.

“Oftentimes it feels surreal looking at the products that are out there, looking at the work you’ve been a part of and it’s exciting to know that I’m a little part of that.” 

Sanam currently works with the Transportation Technology team and has been instrumental in bringing about the return of Minnie Vans and the launch of Car Locator at Walt Disney World Resort. 

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