Meet Amanda Luna: The Creative Force Behind CPGP’s New Tron-Inspired Product Line

Reena Bassil

by , Communications Specialist, Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing

Riding TRON Lightcycle / Run presented by Enterprise in Magic Kingdom Park is no longer the only way to enter the Grid! Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing’s (CPGP) latest product line is inspired by both the ride and the iconic films, “Tron” (1982) and “Tron: Legacy” (2010). To celebrate the launch, I sat down with Amanda Luna, the brand merchandising manager who played a key role in the development of the Tron-inspired merchandise and the new TRON Identity Program at Magic Kingdom Park.

With over 10 years of experience working with Disney, Amanda is a seasoned professional in the world of brand strategy and product development. She has a deep passion for creating tangible memories for guests, and has worked on product assortments within plush, toys, home decor, stationery and more for multiple park activations, including Pandora – The World of AvatarStar Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Avengers Campus

Amanda’s enthusiasm for developing products for park activations shines through in her work on the Tron-inspired line and product experience. “I love being part of a team that extends storytelling through product and Tron was no exception,” she shared. “We wanted to create story-based products for everyone in the family.” Amanda and her team focused on capturing the “thrill of the race” experienced in the attraction and incorporated racing graphics and design elements throughout the product line. They also looked to “Tron: Legacy” to incorporate the look of life on the Grid with reflective and light-up features in toys, accessories and apparel.

“Tron” (1982) is considered a pioneer in computer animation and computer-generated imagery (CGI), and had a considerable influence on the designs and features of the products. “We definitely felt that responsibility, as I do with all our brands, to make our fans proud with key items that celebrate the original film,” Amanda said. Fans will see details from the classic Arcade Cabinet throughout multiple products, including one of Amanda’s favorites, the backpack. Amanda and her team even had the rare opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Studios Archives to scan certain film props from both “Tron: Legacy” and “Tron” to recreate into merchandise. “Our Sam Flynn helmet and Vintage Identity Disc are just a few items directly pulled from the archives,” she revealed.

The team also celebrated the original action figure line by reimagining and extending it in collaboration with partners at Super7. The ReAction figures feature classic characters as well as characters that have never been done before, such as Yori and Ram.

Creating interactive products inspired by technology and innovation was exciting on its own, but Amanda’s team decided to take it a step further. “We had a unique opportunity playing off the story of these films where Users are transported into the Grid,” she explained. Her team was intrigued by the idea of guests being able to digitize themselves into their very own Program, represented in a 10-inch action figure. This led to the creation of the TRON Identity Program. Exclusive to Magic Kingdom Park, the Digitization Portal allows guests to build a Program of their choosing by capturing their facial images, allowing them to select their helmet, body and team color, and record up to six phrases. Guests can then retrieve their customized Program from the Grid Extraction Portal.

Working on the TRON Identity Program and product line has been a memorable experience for Amanda. She and her team are always looking to expand amazing and unique offerings to all guests, whether they are enjoying them from the parks or their homes. “From our guests who are just excited to be a part of this attraction opening to our Tron fans who have been waiting for this since we announced it, our product has something for everyone.”

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  • I agree with Paul’s sentiments! I’ve been waiting a really long time to have such a wonderful line of merchandise available. I was in last week and bought and shipped a significant haul back home! Thank you for helping to bring these things to life!

  • Her husband also makes a great ceviche!! Ty Amanda

  • I would like to personally THANK Mrs. Luna for giving Tron fans the merchandise that we have only dreamed of! We have all been going bonkers over the every last piece from the Light-up Jackets down to the Flynn’s Arcade tokens. The fact that tiny details like the Identity Chips used to change the color and sounds of certain items is designed to replicate the data chip that Sam Flynn stored the Grid on and wore around his neck is a chance NOT missed!
    Mrs. Luna and her team knocked it out of the Park with this merchandise development and I look forward to see it continually grow. It’s all in the wrist!
    End of Line

  • Love this! Such great products and a great story.

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