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New Disney Parks Halfway to Halloween Wallpapers

Maggie Rennie

by , Digital Integration Professional Intern, Disney Parks Experiences and Products

Welcome, foolish mortals to Disney Parks Halfway to Halloween! Our favorite Disney Parks celebration is back and in full swing with all things Halloween and the Haunted Mansion. This week will be filled with exciting stories showcasing all that this week has to offer. From delicious eats and treats in the newest Disney Eats Foodie Guide to haunting Photo Pass Lenses– you’re sure to feel all the spookiness that Disney Parks has to offer without having to step foot in the parks. 

If you love the Haunted Mansion as much as I do, this year’s wallpaper collection is perfect for you! Our incredibly talented creative team designed these three spooky wallpapers for all of us happy haunts to enjoy for the Halfway to Halloween celebration all of which can be downloaded for your phone, desktop, Apple Watch, and iPad. Let’s take a look at them now!

Happy Haunts Statues 

First up we have this vibrant design featuring the singing ghost statues you’re able to see during your doom buggy ride.

Happy Haunts Wallpaper – Apple Watch/Mobile | Desktop/iPad

Hitchhiking Ghosts

No need to be aware of these hitchhiking ghosts, because they’re already coming home with you in this spooky and fun wallpaper featuring our ghostly friends and spooky disappearing footprints!

Hitchhiking Ghosts WallpaperApple Watch/Mobile | Desktop/iPad

Hatbox Ghost Returns

The fan-favorite Hatbox Ghost is here and ready to take part in the Halfway to Halloween celebration with you in this haunting wallpaper!

Hatbox Ghost WallpaperApple Watch/Mobile | Desktop/iPad

Haunted Mansion Stretching Room

Is this wallpaper actually stretching? It absolutely is! Experience this Haunted Mansion scene featuring these unfortuante characters in this haunting and colorful illusion wallpaper.

Halfway to Halloween Stretching Room WallpaperiPhone/Android
Regular Stretching Room WallpaperiPhone/Android

Download your favorite wallpaper to celebrate all week, and don’t forget to share with us how you’re celebrating on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter at @DisneyParks! To stay up to date on all things Halfway to Halloween, be sure to check out it’s very own topic page which is constantly updated with new stories.

Interested in more wallpapers to download and enjoy? Head to our Disney Parks Wallpaper page to see all of the amazing designs we have for you to use on your devices! Check out the terms of use about using each wallpaper before downloading. 


  • When I click the size I want for my desktop it only opens another web page. There is no way to download the images. Even if I left click it and chose “save as” and click picture it will only open a new web page. Please get this fixed.

  • The Desktop versions for all 3 Haunted Mansion wallpapers that have a resolution of 6016 x 3384 on the site are actually only 3200 x 1800 when downloaded. Is it possible to get that fixed?

  • When it says ipad or iPhone its only a description of the size and shape of the photo, just meaning taller then they are wide. These are ordinary jpgs which can be used for anything.

  • when they say iPhone or iPad its only a descriptor of the size or shape of the photos. They’re ordinary jpgs which can be used for anything.

  • Will there be an Android option?

  • Why isn’t there an option for Android phones

  • Great blog post!

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