Disneyland Resort Cast Share Stories Behind Their Disney100 Nametag Characters

Kristen Lewis

by , Internal Communications Specialist, Disneyland Resort

When cast members were asked to choose characters to replace hometowns on their iconic nametags for the Disney100 Celebration at the Disneyland Resort, it generated a lot of conversation.

For some, the choice took days, even weeks, of reflection and scrolling the lists of thousands of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel characters. For others, the choice was easy.

Merchandise Hostess Lois Foster knew immediately who her character would be. “Dumbo is my character because the very first time it was shown on television was when I brought my baby home from the hospital after having him,” said Lois. “I was laying on the couch with him and I started crying as soon as they starting singing ‘Baby Mine.'”

Making her story even more compelling, Lois’s son also works at the Disneyland Resort and was the one who encouraged his mother to become a cast member.

Stay tuned for more stories about why our cast members chose the characters they did for the Disney100 Celebration.


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