Disney Cast Members Reach 1 Million Mobile Cast Compliments

Kristen Lewis

by , Internal Communications Specialist, Disneyland Resort

Through emails, phone calls, letters and social posts, guests consistently rave about the legendary service provided by Disney cast members. Less than two years ago, we introduced another convenient way to recognize our magic makers – Mobile Cast Compliments on the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps – on which guests have already shared more than 1 million cast member recognitions. 

To celebrate this outstanding achievement, cast members who received some of the highest number of compliments were recently recognized for their incredible guest service. 

“Being recognized for doing a great job gives me a heartwarming feeling,” said Remington Davis, security host at the Disneyland Resort. “When you enjoy what you do, it’s not work, and it makes me happy to know that I am bringing joy to someone’s day. I like to greet guests with a smile, give them a high-five and welcome them to the resort.”   

Across the country at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney PhotoPass photographer Willie Jackson is always ready to make his guests feel like the stars of their very own adventure at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

“I love Disney and every day at work is so much fun, especially when you get to create new memories for the guests and have them pose in silly ways or for Magic Shots,” Willie said.  

It’s this extraordinary guest service that has brought generations of families to central Florida and southern California countless times for decades, creating memories they’ll treasure forever. Every smile and memory is created by one group of people: Disney cast members.   

If you recently had a great interaction with a cast member, you can brighten their day by sending them a Mobile Cast Compliment available on both the My Disney Experience and Disneyland apps. After choosing a positive sentiment, guests can also add the cast member’s first name and hometown. To send a compliment, navigate to the bottom of the menu screen and select “Cast Compliment,” or search “Cast Compliment” in the search bar. 


  • Several weeks ago my family (daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren from Australia) and I (with a rollator) were at Epcot in Florida for the fireworks and ate a late supper at La Cantina. I want to shout out to Angel for making our meal and evening so special and magical. Joanna Broderick

  • This will be a long post but it’s worth it. Last week our magic kingdom day was amazing. My daughter finally not only saw her favorite character ever, she got to hug her. Marie from Aristocrats. She’s loved her for 9 years now. Last year when we took our trip to Disney I did my reset and found out that Marie is in the parade at Magic Kingdom. My daughter wore all her Marie merch that day and brought her very well loved “first” Marie plushie. As we were watching the parade a cast member told us Marie was in the back. Well apparently she had off that day because she wasn’t in the parade. To say my daughter was devastated is an understatement. She was crying so hard, her heart was broke. Cast members did try and make her happy which I appreciated. Fast forward to this year we were watching the parade, and I told my daughter not to get her hopes up because I wasn’t sure if Marie would be there. Well she was and my daughter was so happy to see her. “Stitch” noticed my daughter and got Marie’s attention. As Marie was walking over to my daughter to give her a hug ( my daughter had the biggest smile ever), a little girl tan on front of my daughter so the cast members pulled Marie away ( I know it was a safety thing). But once again it broke my daughters heart. She was so close. On to the good story. I decided during our dinner reservation I had to take my daughter to the 2nd parade that day and try again. We were having dinner right by the parade route. So here comes Marie and we were jumping and yelling. Stitch to the rescue again . I assume he remembered what happened with my daughter at the parade a hour earlier. Again he got Marie’s attention. With cast members help Marie came over and gave my daughter the biggest hug. It was amazing. I have a video and a picture, she will NEVER forget this . She’s still smiling. I just wanted to thank “Marie”, “Stitch”, and all the cast members that helped my daughters dream come true. She’s been waiting so long

  • Yesterday was my first time at DCA. I have never been before and decided to take my kids. This amazing employee really made my sons day. Her name was Tiana Lawrence. She’s the amazing new employee at Flos. During the dance before they did the lights she handed my son a flag. My son has autism and never takes anything from anybody and Tiana went above and beyond and made him feel so comfortable with her. He had a huge smile on his face (which is super rare) and he took the flag from her. It was the biggest milestone I was hoping to achieve while being at DCA. Thanks to Tiana, she not only made my experience magical, but my sons magical as well!

  • I visited California Adventure on 8/23 and I wanted to compliment an employee by the name of “Chloe” who was working at Toy Story Midway Mania (I think that’s what it’s called, it’s the shooter gamer). She was so nice and interactive with my friend’s girls and you could tell she loves what she does (despite having to work in the Cali heat!) We need more cast members like her, so sweet and such a pleasure talking to her while waiting in line.

  • Jasmyn and Laura at Thimbles and Threads on the Boardwalk went above and beyond for us today. Such tremendous ladies, they saved my daughters trip!

  • During my surfing on the internet I was stopped in a moment of watching a viedo with Thomas a 15 yr old autism boy and the evil queen.i have a grandchild who is thomas age and also autistic. I’ve never seen such care compassion and gentleness the way she handled him. It was almost the job she had before she interacted with children on autism spectrum. This women needs a raise like yesterday the compassion she had for him the gentleness made him like her very much she knew exactly what to do and how to handle him.
    The evil queen is not so evil this women is remarkable and intelligent God bless her .if I ever go back to Disney and we take my grandson I will surely look for she’s a fantastic soul

  • What do they get?

  • I would love to see more pics of cast members receiving their recognition. We had several excellent cast members during our 10 day visit during the past 2 weeks. We sent in at least 6 compliments. Please share more pics like these!!

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