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New Updates on San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure Park

Kelsey Lynch, Public Relations Manager, Disneyland Resort

by , Public Relations Director, Disneyland Resort

At Disney California Adventure park, the San Fransokyo Public Works Department has been diligently beautifying and making improvements to the local cannery district, which is home to a diverse neighborhood of eateries and businesses. In our previous update, we looked at a few of the landmarks and establishments you’ll see in the industrious mash-up city from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award-winning film “Big Hero 6.”

Today, I’m excited to share that, over the summer, the local eateries will start to introduce delicious new menu offerings! Starting in mid-July, you’ll be able to sample new San Fransokyo selections at Lucky Fortune Cookery, and the Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería will officially open. In the weeks following, additional dining options, unique shopping and more will be introduced as the transformation of this thriving seaside plaza continues through mid-August.

When the transformation is completed, locations across the area – from the Cappuccino Cart outside the San Fransokyo Gate Bridge to The Bakery Tour – will be decked out in street art and colorful banners celebrating the Big Hero 6 team after their victory over Yokai.

Let’s explore more places you’ll be able to visit in San Fransokyo Square!

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with Hiro and his huggable healthcare companion, Baymax, who will say hello outside the Hamada Bot Shop. This is where the Big Hero 6 team builds and innovates their hi-tech gear, so you may also see a few of their upcoming inventions.

San Fransokyo Maker’s Market

Near the Hamada Bot Shop will be the San Fransokyo Maker’s Market, a storefront stocked with unique apparel, homewares and more featuring Baymax and friends. In the concept art above, the market’s shelves are situated on robot storage cases, with decommissioned bots on display. If you turn a sharp eye to the rafters overhead, you may spot the local bot-fighting champion, Hiro’s Megabot!

Across the way, a vending machine dispenses collectible golden medallions featuring Baymax and other iconic images from San Fransokyo.

The diverse array of flavorful fare in San Fransokyo Square will include current favorites and new creations inspired by Asian cuisine, as well as the Big Hero 6 themselves. Let’s check out the dining destinations you’ll be able to try.

Aunt Cass Café

Aunt Cass Café, the second bakery café operated by Hiro’s loving aunt, will serve dishes, soups in freshly-baked Boudin sourdough bread bowls and more inspired by Japanese cuisine. On the outside of this quick service restaurant, you’ll find a mural of Aunt Cass’ lucky pet cat, Mochi.

An old fishing net tannery across from the café is being converted to Rita’s Turbine Blenders, a giant drink dispenser offering delicious margaritas and icy beverages. This refreshment stand is owned and named after the repair technician who maintains the floating wind turbine, resembling a giant koi fish, that sits atop the structure.

In addition to these locations, you can expect new menu items at Cocina Cucamonga and Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop. Keep an eye out for the Disney Eats Foodie Guide, coming soon, for the full list of cuisine to come.

San Fransokyo Square will be full of fun for travelers of all ages! On a scale of one through ten, how would you rate your excitement?

Both theme park reservations and valid admission for the same park on the same day are required for park entry.


  • I am super excited about the new San Fransokyo theme! Big Hero 6 such a beautiful movie, and I love the characters. It’s a movie that I connected withnand actually ended up buying a lot of the figures and toys. While I appreciate the California vision that Disney had when creating the park, it’s not what excites me the most about visiting California Adventure. I want to see and experience characters and themes from their movies and tv shows. I always thought that there was so much potential with Big Hero 6, so it makes me happy to see them doing this. Can’t wait to get a pic with Baymax and Hiro and see what kind of merch is coming. 😃

  • I have visited California Adventure many times in the last 20 years. I have greatly enjoyed it more than Disneyland (Sorry Walt). I loved Pacific Pier and it gave off the essence of the wharf in Monterey. I spent a lot of hours in the area. The new names are just super corny to put it politely. I am not looking forward to visiting the made-over area. Will greatly miss Bugs Life when I visit again. I know it was a bit old but it was great on hot days, especially for us OLDer children. We last visited on the hottest day a few years ago when the Grizzly River Run broke down and my wife who is disabled had to be taken off by the Disney Fire Department. Hopefully there will not be too many more changes in the near future.

  • Pleaaasseeee keep the mac and cheese bread bowls here!!!!


  • Excited about the San Fransokyo square overlay!! Neat. Looking forward to a new Golden Gate coming to California Adventure. I still remember the original Golden Gate bridge in Sunshine Plaza. Also, we are still waiting on the neon lights that display, “PORT OF SAN FRANSOKYO” which will complete the area and look fantastic at night. I hope they don’t change too many menu items, they are good as is. Can not wait untill its finished!

  • I am really on the fence with this because Pacific Wharf was so great. I guess I’ll just wait and see. I just really hope there is GOOD vegetarian food that doesn’t involve Impossible “meat”.

  • Pacific Wharf was our favorite! Sure hope they keep the clam chowder bowls! Those are a staple in San Francisco

  • Huge bummer to lose seating to more merchandise. I sure hope Aunt Cass makes bread pudding still. Pacific Wharf Cafe is a go to for dinner for us every trip. Hoping they will keep some of the staples.

  • Do you carry any gluten free menu items!

  • Extremely excited that this will be open when we go in October. I am concerned, however, how many dollars will be spent in the market. My daughter’s already large Baymax collection is going to get much bigger!! 😂

  • Think they should have done this area in a “night market” style.

  • Shaded seating in that area is already hard to find, it looks like a shop will be taking over almost all of it, thats disappointing!

  • I am VERY excited by San Fransokyo Square coming to California Adventure and the concept art looks stunning!!

    Can’t wait to visit Aunt Cass’ Cafe and those new menu items at Ghiradelli 😋

  • 10, I am literally so excited!! We are going to DL/DCA for the very first time to celebrate my birthday and I’m so glad it will be open!

  • 9/10 for excitement. It will go up to a 10 if you can confirm Aunt Cass can still bring us amazing seasonal bread pudding!

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