Disney Aspire Helps Cast Member Achieve Animatronics Dream Role

Tyler McNulty

by , Communications Specialist, Walt Disney World Resort

Recently celebrating its fifth anniversary, Disney Aspire is the 100% tuition paid upfront education investment program that continues to change the lives of cast members. Meet Brett Crane, who is making his younger self proud as a show controls engineering intern at Walt Disney World Resort. Brett is on the global engineering and technology team working hands-on with Disney thrills, supporting locations like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Soarin’ Over California!  

Brett knew from an early age that he wanted to work on thrill rides. This passion followed him throughout his school days and decades later, Brett walked across the graduation stage at Wilmington University with the help of Disney Aspire, putting himself one step closer to a great, big, beautiful tomorrow and his dream of becoming an engineer. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am today or as successful if it wasn’t for Disney Aspire and the support of my colleagues, friends and family. I’m a huge advocate for the program and think everyone eligible to enroll should. It changed my life, and I know it can do the same for others,” Brett shared.    

With his Bachelor of Science and the skills he gained from his school courses at the ready, he set out on an exciting new career path, beginning a Disney Professional Internship with Disney’s facility and operations services team. One of his many accomplishments was contributing to a program that helped plan attraction vehicle maintenance and track warehouse inventory for thousands of vehicle parts.   

It wasn’t too long after that Brett received an extended Disney Professional Internship offer with the global engineering and technology team, where he helps develop and maintain new software that standardized the connections used within each animatronic figure across several attractions, creating a more efficient process and experience.  

“Disney Aspire has given me the confidence, ability and skill to work as an engineer on Disney technology and animatronics,” Brett said. “I feel very proud of the work I’ve accomplished and am grateful that Disney has given me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow from so many experienced cast members in this field, it’s been a dream come true!” 

Brett is just one of thousands of Disney cast members who have put their #DreamsWithinReach thanks to Disney Aspire, and you can too! With nearly 4,000 current employees graduated and over 3,000 students promoted within the Disney company since the program began, the fifth anniversary celebrates these and future success stories. Explore open roles at disneycareers.com to kickstart your education aspirations and visit aspire.disney.com to learn more about Disney Aspire.   

Disney Aspire is the most comprehensive education investment program of its kind, offering 150+ programs at a network of educational institutions nationwide. As part of The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to investing in its employees and cast members, Disney Aspire puts #DreamsWithinReach by removing key barriers to pursuing education and inspiring career mobility. 



  • This story is what makes the company AMAZING! Great job Brett!