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A Complete Guide to Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort

Andi Sakowski

by , Communications Manager, Disney Experiences

We’re counting down the days until Dec. 20 when we can finally try everything at Zootopia in Shanghai Disney Resort! From attractions to dining, merchandise and more, we have you covered with the complete guide to Zootopia. Let’s go wild!

What attractions can you ride at Zootopia?

Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in  the new ride Zootopia: Hot Pursuit coming to Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort, opening on Dec. 20, 2023
Zootopia: Hot Pursuit

The major attraction in the land, Zootopia: Hot Pursuit, invites you to become a rookie police officer alongside Officers Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Here you’ll go across Zootopia’s iconic terrains, sliding across the ice of Tundratown, prowling for fugitives through the streets of Sahara Square, sharing a too-close-for-comfort encounter at Mystic Springs Oasis, all in pursuit of Bellwether and her gang to track down Gazelle.

Not only can you experience your favorite characters like never before through a new generation of Audio-Animatronics figures, but the action-packed attraction also uses a combination of leading technologies to create a trackless ride system.

Where to eat at Zootopia?

Jumbeaux’s Café

This whimsical café is where you can find a variety of treats, including Chocolate Marshmallows and Officer Clawhauser’s favorite – The Big Donut.

Frozen paw-shaped Disney Zootopia Pawsicle from the Zootopia Market coming to Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort, opening on Dec. 20, 2023
Zootopia Market

Parked permanently in the streets of Zootopia, a cluster of four colorful shacks offers a variety of treats for the Zootopia Day Concert! Grab a refreshing drink from Slothful Slurps, try corn-flavored popcorn at Hopps Family Farm or indulge in sweet cotton candy at Cottonball Candy cart. Jumbeaux also has a pop-up cart here where you can grab the tasty signature frozen paw-shaped Disney Zootopia Pawsicle.

For a full list of all the NEW food and beverage at Zootopia, visit our Disney Eats Zootopia Foodie Guide.

Where can you meet Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and more?

Flash the sloth can be spotted in the Zootopia Park Apartments when Zootopia opens at Shanghai Disney Resort on Dec. 20, 2023
Zootopia Park Apartments

If you’re wanting to catch a glimpse of some favorite Zootopia characters, “Disney Zootopia Comes Alive,” is exactly what you’re looking for! Everyone from Fru Fru to her father Mr. Big, along with Koslov the polar bear, Flash the sloth, Yax the yak, Duke Weaselton the weasel, and even the Hopps family will interact amongst themselves (and sometimes even with you!) throughout the day from their windows.

Learn how Disney Live Entertainment partnered with Walt Disney Imagineering and the team at Shanghai Disney Resort to develop this unique live show.

Offers Nick Wilde and Officer Judy Hopps spotted in the Zootopia Park Apartments when Zootopia opens at Shanghai Disney Resort on Dec. 20, 2023
Zootopia Police Department Recruitment Center

Officers Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are ready to greet you over at the Zootopia Police Department Recruitment Center! Nick is even wearing an all-new look, but in typical “Wilde” style.

Where can you find Zootopia merchandise?

Fashions by Fru Fru

Owned by resident fashionista, Fru Fru, Fashions by Fru Fru is located by the entrance of Mane Street. Here you can pick up the perfect gifts to bring home for family and friends with hundreds of options inspired by the movie!

For a look at everything you can only find at Zootopia, visit our official merch guide.

Zootopia is one of the most immersive lands yet at Shanghai Disney Resort and we just can’t wait until it opens on Dec. 20 at Shanghai Disney Resort! We have to know, where do you plan to explore first?


  • Update!!! Just rode Hot Pursuit and it was amazing. And we’re SERIOUS Disney folk. Like, first date with wifey was Disneyland and we raised our kids visiting parks. Credentials!

  • We’re here at Zootopia right now. AWESOME!