1900 Park Fare Reopens April 10 at Disney’s Grand Floridian

Ashley Jones

by , Communications Manager, Walt Disney World Resort

Today, we have an exciting update many of you have been waiting for: 1900 Park Fare is reopening at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa on April 10. This iconic restaurant will feature returning guest favorites along with a newly refurbished dining room and other special touches.

Here are five things to look forward to when you return:

1. Wish Upon a Star with Favorite Disney Characters

Because meals are best enjoyed alongside friends, a few familiar faces will stop by throughout breakfast and dinner — some for the first time at this location! In this refreshed character dining experience, you’ll be joined by Aladdin in his Prince Ali look, Cinderella, Mirabel and Tiana in her new look for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure as they celebrate the power of a wish.

2. Enjoy a Feast Fit for Royalty

An enchanting buffet will be served for breakfast and dinner, featuring some returning guest favorites — yes, that includes the strawberry soup! — along with new menu offerings dreamed up by our talented chefs to pay tribute to some of the characters and stories you’ll encounter throughout the restaurant.

3. Look for Nods to the Restaurant’s Heritage

Fans of 1900 Park Fare will remember Big Bertha, an antique organ that has called the resort home since 1988. Look for her in the main dining room, where she’s on display as its grand centerpiece!

Just like before, carousel theming is woven throughout the restaurant — starting with the impressive new mural shown above, which will serve as the focal point of the restaurant’s entrance. In one of the adjoining dining rooms, you’ll find drawings of carousel animals inspired by classic Disney films like “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Little Mermaid.” Keep an eye out for other hidden carousel details when you visit!

4. Delight in Exclusive New Artwork

The artistic touches continue throughout the main dining room, where you’ll also find twelve new portraits created exclusively for the restaurant by Disney artists. Each one, inspired by the impressionist art style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, features a different Disney character as they hope, dream and wish upon a star (or even a magic lamp or a wishing well).

5. Celebrate Traditions and Create New Ones

Over the years, 1900 Park Fare has been the backdrop of so many of our guests’ favorite vacation memories — mine included! At the heart of this unique restaurant is the magic and whimsy of turn-of-the-century gardens and fairgrounds, where people of all ages came together to enjoy each other’s company. The spirit of those carefree days spent outdoors is brought to life with each detail big and small, making it the perfect place to create new memories with loved ones.

Mark your calendars, because reservations for 1900 Park Fare open on March 5 at DisneyWorld.com. Pro tip: The Disney Dining Plan is a great way to plan meals around your family’s schedule, and it includes character dining options! Breakfast and dinner at 1900 Park Fare will each count as one (1) Table-Service Meal on the Disney Dining Plan.

While you’re at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, explore other ways the resort has been receiving some grand touches that build upon its Victorian elegance with additional storybook charm. While staying in one of the newly refurbished guest rooms you can also dine underneath the lovely London sky at Cítricos, inspired by “Mary Poppins Returns” or enjoy some shimmering sips at Enchanted Rose Lounge, inspired by “Beauty and the Beast.” Recently refreshed spaces at Narcoossee’s and Victoria & Albert’s, the culinary crown jewel of Walt Disney World Resort, provide even more ways to be our guests and enjoy all that Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has to offer.

There’s even more to come as we continue to refresh and enhance Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the future. Be sure to stay tuned to the Disney Parks Blog for all the latest updates.


  • It’s been said 100x here already but the character mix makes no sense. It is also unclear whether these characters are JOINING Alice & the Mad Hatter or replacing them. It would be great to have a place to meet Mirabel & Tiana – but Park Fare has always been about Alice & Mary Poppins, who are both on theme for the GF and the restaurant. Will there be a new spot to interact with the Mad Hatter? And Aladdin but no Jasmine? Tiana fits in anywhere there are princesses, and surely Encanto’s popularity entitles it to a more fully themed experience. This is confusing & disappointing.

  • I was so excited to see this restaurant is finally reopening. It was one of my favorites because of the characters. I was hopeful over the possibility of the same characters coming back, and maybe even expanding the selection (Cheshire Cat, Queen of hearts). A chance to meet rare, fun characters would be so exciting!

    But instead I see this hodgepodge list of characters with no theming whatsoever, and they are characters you can meet elsewhere. Nothing new or interesting. Is Disney recycling spare character actors they just happen to have sitting around? Sure seems like it. So disappointing…

  • This character lineup makes no sense at all. Not at all on theme with the Grand Floridian. Terrible decision!

  • Incredibly disappointed by this news. I was so excited to hear 1900 Park Fare was reopening and instantly deflated when I saw the character line up. It makes absolutely no sense. This was the best breakfast I’d ever had with a fun mix of face and fur characters, all British. So well themed. And I really wanted to try the dinner with Cinderella and the Tremaines… Guess I never will. Definitely won’t be booking 1900 Park Fare on my next trip. Please Disney consider reverting back to the original lineup!! It was amazing and this is just… Weird.

  • Also disappointed by the new character lineup. Had been eagerly checking every other month for updates on PF, excited to take my kids since they love Mary Poppins. No longer adding this to our plans for our trip next fall.

  • 1900 Park Fare is not the same with out the Tremaine’s The step sisters made the experience unique. The choice of characters is odd for this location and as you can already tell, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Please reconsider the choices. Why not put these characters in rotation at Crystal Palace?

  • Wow. I was excited to see this was reopening….but scratch that. Dinner with the Tremaine’s was our favorite…..no thanks to these new characters.

  • I don’t understand the combination of characters. why don’t we keep the immersion and put characters where they are tied too. tiana at riverside. aladdin at morocco. why the half measures? i so sorely was waiting to see mad hatter, the sisters at dinner. such a massive let down.

  • this feels like an intern made this choice. random characters tied together by the flimsiest concept, that doesn’t hold to the theme of the resort or restaurant. And to boot doesn’t pair jasmine with Aladdin, gives us a version of tiana no one has a connection to and doesn’t care about, and if not pair jasmine with Aladdin, then why not pair the prince from princess and frog with tiana and drop Aladdin?

  • So sad the theming is going away with this dining experience. Grand Floridian has always been a certain princess/classic feel. I feel Like adding classic princesses (like Tiana in her dress) or Mary Poppins would’ve been so much better. Also losing Alice and the mad hatter is a great loss. This just feels odd and off brand. It’s sad many areas of Disney aren’t sticking to theming.

  • We’ve been waiting for 1900 Park Fare to open back up, it’s one of our favorites. But this hodge podge of characters you’ve thrown together makes no sense. Disney’s strength is playing to a story and part of the fun of Park Fare was the stepsisters screaming across the dining room at each other – we personally loved that. It made for a fun entertaining atmosphere. Your character selection does not go together at all? If you want Encanto, go all the way with Encanto, Aladdin, all the way, Coco, all the way, etc. Tiana should be with her ride in MK (but what I don’t understand is why you haven’t put Tiana at PO Riverside or FQ – that would be a fabulous dining experience and I have no idea how that’s been missed?! For breakfast at PF, you had Mary Poppins and Alice, at least both English, but this group makes no sense at all. You’ve completely lost the fun of immersing your audience in a story they love. Rapunzel can’t talk to Flynn Ryder, etc. What an incredible loss of an opportunity.

  • Oh goodness. What an odd assortment of characters…after this expansive wait for 1900 Park Fare to reopen I’m sad to say I no longer have an interest in dining here. And it was our long time favorite. The characters were perfectly fitted to the location and to one another. Why must you constantly make changes for no reason other than to make a change? Not all change is good.

  • What a horrible decision on characters. This is our favorite restaurant and a huge part of that was the stepsisters screaming across the dining room creating a crazy fun atmosphere for dinner. You are suggesting a hodge podge of characters, completely unrelated, putting them together and there is no theming, no story, that’s just sad. If you want to switch it over to Encanto, go all the way, Aladdin, all the way, Tiana should be in MK with her new ride (actually I’ve always felt Tiana should be at PO Riverside or FQ, how is that being missed, that would be a phenomenal dining experience!)? The theming and the story is what Disney is good at?! It’s sad to see this being missed entirely. And I loved Alice and Mary at breakfast (both English), it just seems ridiculous you’re throwing characters in together without honoring their story at all?

  • If it ain’t broke…. DONT FIX IT. How about you give Tina an actually restaurant in Magic Kingdom with the area you are making for her. Stop being cheap Disney and actually give TIna the FULL area she deserves in Magic Kingdom.

  • Very disappointed that Alice, Mad Hatter, and Mary Poppins are removed from Breakfast and that the Tremaines are removed from dinner. I was so excited at first to hear about the reopening, but now I’m just sad and bewildered at the character mix.

  • It was so magical to see Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing together along with the Tremaine’s. They just all go together so well and at this location. Any time you an have a Princess with her own Prince is so special and worth seeing. This random mix of characters is very odd and will not translate your theme as much as you might think.

  • i sent my daughter a text since we will be there on april 10… then i READ the article.. the character choice is ODD… and no step sisters ? nevermind. so disappointing.

  • I’m really confused. I’m seeing conflicting reports. Are the old characters remaining at breakfast and dinner with the new characters as random editions OR are the old characters (Mary, Alice, the step sisters, etc) gone now and the new ones replacing them?

  • I was so excited for 1900 Park Fare to come back, only to be disappointed by the new characters. The Tremaines were the highlight of this restaurant and by fare the best character dining experience. So sad at the strange choice of character.

  • So this has me confused. Aladdin as Prince Ali, and Cinderella are both elegant, or at the very least having a more regal appearance. Mirabel and Tiana dressed in her bayou adventure Safari look are the complete opposite. It just seems so weird. I would switch Tiana to her princess dress which looks beautiful and add a different character to replace Mirabel.

  • I was SO excited, only to be SO disappointed! Aladdin without Jasmine? No Prince Charming? Loved the Mad Hatter and the Tremaine’s. We stay at the Grand Floridian every year and always went to 1900 for both a breakfast and a dinner. I guess not in the future!

  • Have stayed at the Grand Floridian many many times. Happy they’re changing characters. They first had Chip and Dale, etc., then went to Tea Party. Mad Hatter always scared our granddaughters. Can’t wait to see it open again!!

  • Very odd, disconnected choice of character representation and a poor fit for the Grand. We’re very disappointed with this announcement after waiting so long for this restaurant to re-open. Bring back the Tremaines!

  • This is an awful decision. People LOVE the stepfamily. You’re going to be losing huge fans of the restaurant this way. Very disappointing.

  • No Alice, Hatter or Mary Poppins? They were the joys of this dining location.

    Cinderella already has her castle meal experience – why double up?

  • Really disappointed the characters changed. This was our favorite

  • I would like to see Mary Poppins and Bert back. Not too sure about Mirabel, she doesn’t really fit the Carousel and Elegant theme of GF

  • Hi, will Disney dinning plan be avavilable for this location? If yes how many credits? Thanks!

  • Will it still be open for breakfast?

  • Will this be under the ddp and will it be one meal or two?

  • Sad no Lady Tremaine!

  • Really? NO Lady Tremaine? Sad

  • Any news on Wonderland Tea Party? It was my favorite as a kid and I was hoping to see it return for future generations.

  • Glad this is reopening but very disappointed in the change of characters. I love Encanto but Mirabel seems like a strange fit for the Grand Floridian. Mad Hatter was the best part of breakfast, and the Tremaine’s will be greatly missed.

  • Glad this is reopening but very disappointed with the change in characters. Definitely takes away that classic “Grand Floridian” theming. The Mad Hatter was the best part of breakfast! And the Tremaine’s will be missed.

  • This will be sad news for our family. This restaurant and the Tremaines were an absolute must for our family. Where can we meet the Tremaines now? We will forgo the restaurant.

  • Happy that one of my favorite restaurants is reopening. But I have to admit I am a little sad that the characters are changing. We had some of the best character interactions at this location with the Stepsisters from Cinderella and the Mad Hatter. They were all hilarious. My 14 year old remembers many different trips where we had conversations with these characters but my now 8 year old doesn’t remember dining at this location at all. Disney definitely needs to add a Meet and Greet with the Mad Hatter since he has been taken away from this dining location. He is a hoot!!!!

  • We’ll greatly miss the Tremaines, but I love the addition of diverse characters! Would love to see even more in the rotation, especially since we already have a venue for Cinderella.

  • I’m so glad this is finally coming back but I’m a little sad Mary Poppins didn’t make the cut. She made the restaurant for me.

  • This is great news! Very excited about the new characters that will be there. Hopefully, Asha can be a part of this character experience. The theme is Wish Upon A Star after all.

  • It’s also unfortunate they combined a strange grouping of characters; would have been nice if they left it Alice in Wonderland characters or switched to Mary Poppins. Seems like a strange combination.

  • Will Big Bertha still play music? It is the only reason my husband and I visit there.